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That’s A Wrap! Consensus: Distributed 2020 Over and Out

CoinDesk’s flagship conference came to a close on Friday and what a week it was! In a first-of-its-kind move, the event took place virtually, with some of the biggest names in blockchain featuring throughout the week. As well as participating in Consensus Distributed: 2020 through the Ontology Virtual Booth, the Ontology team conducted a series of live webinars over the course of the week. These webinars gave both the Ontology community members and Consensus: Distributed attendees a unique opportunity to gain deeper insights into our high-performance enterprise blockchain and bespoke decentralized products — including the launch of our new product SAGA.

Learn more about ONT ID:

On Monday, our digital identity experts Erick Pinos, Ontology’s Americas Ecosystem Lead, and Hu Ning, Senior Tech Lead for Ontology’s Digital Identity, kicked off proceedings with an in-depth analysis followed by an open Q&A focusing on ONT ID, Ontology’s decentralized digital identity platform.

Our aim is to make the way the world share and store data better for everyone; increasing trust, security, and transparency. Our unique ONT ID protocol can be easily adopted by individuals and enterprises and is specially designed to put users in control of their data and identity. ONT ID helps increase control and trust when it comes to data, reordering the data to ensure its true value is realized, and helping make systems and sensitive information less vulnerable to attacks. Combined with DDXF, Ontology’s distributed data exchange framework, business information can be recorded and circulated between parties securely, increasing collaboration and unlocking real business value while respecting the privacy and rights of all parties.

You can watch the webinar on ONT ID:

New Product Launch — SAGA (decentralized data market place)

In what was one of our most exciting live webinars, Will Liu, Head of SAGA at Ontology and Ontology experts Hu Ning, Senior Tech Lead for Digital Identity, officially announced the launch of our new product SAGA, a decentralized data marketplace designed to allow users to monetize and acquire data in a trusted, standardized, and cost-effective way.

Watch it back:

The SAGA data marketplace is powered by a complete data interaction protocol based on the Ontology public chain, a world-leading public chain with 200,000+ users and 100+ eco-partners. The process of data valuation, profit sharing, data security, and privacy protection is fully decentralized through the Ontology blockchain. Individuals and companies using the SAGA data marketplace can benefit from raw data and data processing services and insights while maintaining full control over their data by leveraging the unique features of the Ontology public blockchain.

Powered by the Ontology blockchain, which was built on the premise of trust, security, and transparency, SAGA employs stringent regulatory-compliant verification processes that authorize companies to purchase data stored on the SAGA platform. The platform operates with the utmost care when requesting sensitive data from individuals. In addition, SAGA offers multiple secure data analysis and processing services.

Other than the sessions above, Ontology also provided 3 other webinars on ONTO, Tech, and Enterprise Solution Respectively.

Follow the Live Demo on Stake on ONTO

ONTO wallet manages your blockchain assets. So far, it supports 930+ multi-tokens, and several types of token types (OEP-4, OEP-5, ERC-20), including but not limited to ONT, ONG, ETH, NEO, MBL, and KLAY. With the ONTO wallet, you can transfer, pay, and participated in Ontology nodes staking and get rewards.

The recent milestone of ONTO — supporting NFT assets provides more effective and convenient asset management services for global users, which further deepens the layout of the digital assets.

Besides, ONTO users can also enjoy a rich collection of dApps both on Ontology and Ethereum.

With our ONT ID digital identity wallet, a brand-new digital identity wallet, users can fully control their digital identity via ONT ID and benefit from one-stop management of assets.

Watch the live demo by Erick on how to use, stake, and earn ONG on ONTO:

Experience the high speed and performance of Ontology 2.0

Ontology’s two Senior Tech Leads Hu Ning and Edmond Cong gave a general introduction of Ontology’s technology strength and elaborated on the current development progress and future plans.

Ontology WASM-JIT, one of the fastest blockchain virtual machine is now available on our latest version of Ontology, Ontology 2.0.

The Ontology team has also made progress in Multi-VM, cross-chain, and Layer 2. ONT ID 2.0 is reaching the final stages of upgrading. All technology progress is in line with our roadmap for this year.

Ontology’s bounty page continues to update, providing more tasks for developers to apply. An increasing amount of students have registered and joined Ontology Global University Blockchain workshops online, getting to know and understand firsthand how blockchain technology can help transform and upgrade traditional industries rapidly.

The Ontology team will continue to optimize its documentation center, making it more convenient and straightforward for developers to develop on Ontology.

Watch the Tech Day live webinar back:

Enterprise Solution

The Enterprise Solution webinar featured our Chief of Global Ecosystem Partnerships, Gloria Wu, and our Europe Ecosystem Lead, John Izaguirre.

John explained how ONT ID can provide solutions in four ways to tackle the current problems in digital identity systems on an enterprise level and that we are planning to use SAGA for data exchange.

In terms of the progress of compliance, Gloria demonstrated how Ontology is promoting the establishment of related laws and regulations in Europe with INATBA, the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Application. With a view to broadening contributory avenues for the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, Ontology Presented a proposal to set up an Ontology official dApp for crypto donation to help collect donations made in crypto, while utilizing Ontology’s blockchain to record transactions safely and securely.

As a recent member of Celo Foundation Alliance for Prosperity, a mission-aligned network of organizations fostering social impact and financial inclusion through the use of blockchain technology, Ontology will join other leading technology providers, nonprofits, mobile wallets, payment processors, and global investment firms in building mobile-friendly financial tools on the Celo open blockchain platform.

In addition, with Ontology’s joining as an official member of the Digital Chamber of Commerce, the world’s leading trade association representing the digital asset and blockchain industry, Ontology will work in joint hands with 200+ industry leaders to promote the acceptance and use of blockchain technologies and digital assets by fostering a more inclusive business environment.

With a primary focus on delivering a fast, user-friendly platform with a unique infrastructure that supports robust cross-chain collaboration, Ontology provides businesses with the tools to design their own blockchain solutions securely. Powered by the Ontology Token (ONT), the distributed collaboration platform allows businesses to enjoy the benefits of smart contracts and tokenization while retaining control of their sensitive data.

Gain full insights of the webinar here:

Ontology would like to thank all members of our team for making our activities during Consensus: Distributed 2020 so memorable. We are already looking forward to what next year has in store!



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