The NEO Council ONT Airdrop FAQ

The Ontology Team
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3 min readFeb 13, 2018

The NEO Council recently announced an ONT airdrop for all NEO token holders ( Below is an FAQ based on questions from the community. We have also included some information about Ontology’s past airdrops.

What is the NEO Council airdrop?

The NEO Council manages 10% of ONT tokens (read more: As a gift to the community, the NEO Council has decided to airdrop 20,000,000 (twenty million) ONT to NEO token holders.

How much ONT will I receive?

For each NEO an individual will receive 0.2 ONT (50% is freely tradable and the other 50% is automatically locked until the release of Ontology MainNet in Q2 2018).

When will the amount of NEO I have be calculated?

The snapshot of NEO addresses will be done at block height 1974823, which occurred at 09:15:33 AM (UTC+8) on March 1st, 2018.

When will my ONT be delivered?

Delivery of the first portion of ONT will be completed in the weeks following March 1, 2018 (0.1 ONT per NEO). The other locked half (0.1 ONT per NEO) will be using the same snapshot, but will instead be airdropped after the release of Ontology MainNet in Q2 2018. Further details have not yet been announced.

Which wallets can receive the ONT airdrop?

All non-exchange wallets can receive ONT, however some wallets may not display ONT. You will nevertheless be able to retrieve ONT in a wallet that does not display ONT from a wallet which does display ONT. Details about which non-exchange wallets which will display ONT will be announced later.

Exchanges will at their discretion provide access to ONT from NEO in exchange wallets. Please refer to individual exchanges for their ONT airdrop policy.

Is ONT divisible?

ONT will initially be a divisible NEP-5 token. After the release of Ontology MainNet in Q2 2018, NEP-5 ONT holders will be able to exchange their NEP-5 ONT for ONT on the Ontology MainNet. MainNet ONT will be indivisible; only multiples of 1 NEP-5 ONT will be able to be exchanged for MainNet ONT.

ONT is indivisible, does that mean I will only receive whole numbers of ONT from the second portion of the NEO Council airdrop?

Yes, you will only receive whole numbers of ONT from the second portion of the NEO Council airdrop. For example, if you received 5.5 ONT for the first portion, you will receive 5 ONT for the second portion.

My NEO was on Ledger during the snapshot, how can I access it?

Ledger users can now access NEO Council ONT Airdrop Second Half using OWallet:

  1. Update to OWallet v0.8.8 and make sure your Ledger app is also up to date.
  2. If you already have your Ledger connected to OWallet, delete it and reconnect.
  3. When you connect tick “NEO Address Compatible”, you will then see your NEO Ledger address on the Ontology MainNet, including the second half of your NEO Council ONT airdrop!

About Ontology’s previous airdrops

Newsletter subscription airdrop

Individuals who successfully subscribed to Ontology’s newsletter were invited to take part in KYC to receive 1,000 ONT. The KYC deadline has already passed, and results were sent out on Monday, February 12, 2018. No new submissions can be made, and no details submitted can be changed. Those who passed KYC received their ONT in Q1 2018.

NEO DevCon attendees airdrop

NEO DevCon 2018 attendees who physically handed in their passes with their email address written on it to the Ontology booth will receive 500 ONT. An email requesting NEO addresses from these individuals was sent out on Wednesday, February 7, 2018. Those who submitted their NEO address received their ONT in Q1 2018.