We received 20,000 $ from Google to Scale Up.

We have great news, Onvey is granted an access to the Google Cloud Platform for Startups Spark Package program. This means Google is offering us $20,000 credits on their products!

As a self-funded company we feel privileged as this offer is usually distributed among startups part of an approved VC fund, accelerator, or incubator.

How will this benefit to us and to our customers?

Technical Infrastructure Improvement

With GCP, Google makes available a large bunch of services that works great together. It is (in our opinion) one of the best cloud solution for startups considering the cost/service/value ratio it offers.

We currently use 11 virtual servers to distribute our services to all. We are very careful with our technical setup and configuration — as well as internal process — to guarantee a maximum of security, reliability and scalability, with minimum efforts.

To be honest, until yesterday our technical costs were under a budget and we couldn’t afford yet to fulfil all the requirements of a best-in-class technical infrastructure. We can now consider upgrading our systems to bring more redundancy, stronger replication and backup systems, as well as more powerful machines.

Extra budget available to our product offers

Having our technical costs down to almost 0$ for a little while, we will reinvest this budget into our products.

We will bring new skills to the team with recruitments earlier than planned, to scale and improve our services faster.

We will also introduce a free plan to our services, starting with Pagescreen in the coming weeks and followed by Userpace for its public launch.

Stay tuned!