Welcome to Working From Anywhere

Nicolas Verellen
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3 min readJun 5, 2020


The workplace as we know it is over. The concept of commuting for hours a day at the busiest time to be sat in the same seat for 40 hours a week quickly revealed itself to be archaic and completely unproductive. Overnight, companies came to a standstill and shifted their workforce to set up home offices instead; be it from a desk or a sofa. It crystallised the realisation that the days of adult daycare are over. But with companies like Twitter announcing that all of their employees are to continue to work from home indefinitely, you can’t help but wonder whether the complete flip to ‘work from home’ is actually what the world has been waiting for.

Employees may have enjoyed some newfound flexibility that comes with working from home, but is it enough when it comes to creating the most productive workspace possible? Could we instead provide people more freedom to work wherever and however their work becomes most efficient?

Dual purposing hospitality venues

At Oasis, we believe it’s time to move away from the binary choice between “work from home” and “in office”. Instead, we encourage you to adopt a “work from anywhere” mindset. There’s a surplus of un-used and under-utilised spaces in both city centres and local towns. Restaurants, hotel lobbies, retail spaces and showrooms all stand empty — now more than ever before. But what if we would transform them into workspaces? Why can’t they also be used to bring employees together, or allow them to work independently? By dual purposing these venues into third spaces, they provide a solution somewhere between the corporate office and working from home. Closer to where people live, the result is higher productivity, inspiring locations and safe environments for work.

Professional freedom

We’re currently witnessing a workplace revolution where people have realised the office isn’t as important as we always considered it to be. This realisation will have a permanent and long-lasting impact on the evolution of the workforce, the competitiveness of companies and their according needed workspaces. People don’t want to go back to how it used to be. It didn’t work for companies and it certainly didn’t work for employees — even cities became strained with too many people commuting into city centres from the outskirts. Instead, understanding that workspaces don’t have to be one single fixed abode feeds into the professional freedom and flexibilities employees working from home recently gained, in turn resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

Hyper-local satellite offices

That’s why we’re launching Oasis, a network of hyper-local satellite offices in unique hospitality locations. Members have access to every drop-in location, re-purposed to help them re-connect and refocus, all close enough to commute by foot or bike (city and outskirts). Hosts generate a new revenue stream for both the short term (to partly recover from Covid-19) and long term (to provide a solid alternative to general downtime periods). And for companies, it offers a framework to save money in commercial real estate and office design, freeing it up to invest in their people instead, increasing employee engagement and efficiency.

We are not reinventing the office, we’re bringing a whole new perspective to work and the workplace.

OASIS, work from anywhere.