Fed Up: a 30 day Vegan Experience

Hello everyone!

Like most of you, I watched ‘What the Health’ by Kip Andersen. The mistake I made was watching it after I ate chicken….. Some delicious succulent chicken. But I digress.

Some key points I took away from the film:

  1. There’s a certain amount of pus that can be put in milk. Milk is a hormonal fluid. Some of you may have known that, but I didn’t.
  1. Milk does not build strong bones. My whole life is a lie.
  2. There are just as many pigs as there are humans in North Carolina. H1N1 (swine flu) was originated in North Carolina. No surprise there.
  3. “GEORGE BUSH DOES NOT CARE ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE! “— Kanye West. No…. but really they spray FECES (pig’s waste) into the fields where the pigs eat! They consume their own waste. That’s just foul. These fields are conveniently located in Black or Latino communities. This is a human rights issue and it’s disgusting. Way to go North Carolina. 😒
  4. The protein we get from MEAT is from the plants animals consume.*Mind blown*

So, after watching this film, I decided that I could no longer eat anything animal related. Now if you know me, you know that I’m from Kansas and I LOVE a good BBQ. Brisket, ribs, chicken, bratwurst and the list goes on. I called my Dad and told him that at this years Thanksgiving, I will be meatless Mandy and he better prepare something special for me. He took a long pause and said “Yeah right!”. I’m serious though.

I do believe this film can be seen as ‘vegan propaganda’. However, what we are consuming is gross. Before you give me the side eye or doubt how long my vegan journey will last, please watch the film.

For the next 30 days, I will be tracking what I eat and sharing with you guys what tasty meals I make.

As of today, I am on Day 5. I feel amazing.

Pros of being vegan so far:

  1. There is no itis feeling. You know that full feeling that makes you want to sleep the rest of the day? You feel sluggish and fat. I haven’t experienced any of that since eating vegan.
  2. I haven’t experienced any bloating.
  3. I’m real regular like regular degular. I go like alot. But I’m also drinking 64 oz of water everyday, too.
  4. Grocery bill is way cheaper.
  5. I haven’t actually craved meat but my body is going through something.

Cons of being vegan:

  1. I am surrounded by meat and wherever I go I will always be tempted.
  2. The misconceptions about being vegan are daunting. For some reason, people think I’m going to turn into skin and bones and need 11 cents a day. I’m not a small girl and I eat for sustenance. There is no way in hell I will starve myself. HA!
  3. Certain alcohols and wines contain gelatin which is an animal byproduct. But I’m here to tell you that I’m simply not giving up WINE or WHISKEY. So kiss my ass. #savagevegan

I made FRIED EGGPLANT. It was yummy. Get into it!

I had to make my own freaking bread crumbs because the ones I had in the house contained MILK. I pureed some saltines and voila bread crumbs.

I used some everyday spices like smoked paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, a pinch or two of salt, cilantro and I added the basil for decoration.

You want to know the hardest part about being vegan on Day 3? PEELING THE DAMN EGGPLANT. Eggplant isn’t a firm vegetable so I had a small battle but nothing I can’t overcome. Since I can’t use buttermilk, I used those spices mentioned above with flour and water. Add as much flour as you need to get the right consistency.

I fried the eggpalnt in coconut oil

It was so bomb! Enjoy! 🤗

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