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Magnetic Time

Flow is a movement concept, different than static concept of matter. Even stone it’s unstoppable, water and wind provides slowly changes shaping rocks, to see this changes you need to look beyond the static concept of time. Live time as dynamic concept than you’ll realize natural and speedlight changes.

Time is not linear, time is magnetic, what happens is always connected, but time does not touch time is a quantum field of events.

If things connect over time, everything is changing now, in our collective experience beyond the boundaries of time.

We can change the future and the past if we are present, there are no boundaries to make things happen, doing this is more powerful than the laws of physics we know.

Time is a metaphysical spiritual meaning of existence, we can cross, change, live, but without touching, just feel the magnetic connection and live without a doubt.

Time is not relative, just as the concept of time is relative, in practice time is magnetic and connects us beyond any limit.



A natureza compreende as mais avançadas tecnologias de harmonia e fazer parte deste organismo é mais que existir por si só, é existir pelo todo.

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