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Mar 15 · 9 min read

We Kept You in Mind When We Made the Bars

There Has to be a Better Way…

Imagine you are in a supermarket. You are looking at a shelf filled with protein bars. All kinds of them. Are you getting stressed? I know that feeling. Too many choices and questions swirling around:

  • “Hmm…it has everything. But it tastes more disgusting than a pig’s feet.”
  • “This bar is super yummy. Why is it filled with junk that I don’t want in my body?”
  • “This one calls itself clean. Really? It is loaded with artificial sweeteners for crying out loud. How is that exactly clean?”
  • “When it says high protein, is it really the kind of protein my body can absorb?”
  • “Since when did it become acceptable that an increase in a nutrition bar’s shelf life means a decrease in mine?”
  • “What is the manufacturer not telling me that I should be aware of? And why would they be hiding it in the first place?”
  • “It is 2019. Why am I still asking these questions?”

If you can relate to the above questions, read on. I think that you will find something of tremendous value.

For people like you and me, it is hard to find a bar that checks all the boxes. This is why:

  1. Toxic ingredients: Many bars contain ingredients that you do not want in your body. These bars contain lab created compounds to boost so-called performance, artificial preservatives to increase shelf life, and concocted bizarre flavors to mask their ugliness. Study after study have shown that these ingredients have been proven to wreak havoc with your body functions. What they don’t want you to know is that you can get great results and high performance without any of these toxins in your body.
  2. Clean ingredients, but poor performance: The few bars that contain only natural or “clean” ingredients offer dismal performance and low macros. Typically an “all-natural” bar would struggle to offer these desirable macros: more than 10g protein, less than 10g net carbs, and less than 10g sugar. In many cases, you will see a surprisingly high amount of carbohydrates or sugar or both! And when they manage to keep carbs and sugar low, the amount of protein is not nearly enough.
  3. Chalky taste: You know where I am going with this one. Many bars taste like chalk or cardboard or leave a bad aftertaste. Some have become clever. They mask the horrible taste with big quantity of sugar/salt or lab created “natural flavors”. This kinda gets shady. Read the next point.
  4. The hidden truth behind “natural flavors”: Some bars use “natural flavors”. If you find out where they came from, you will be in for a surprise. In most cases, natural flavors are nothing but lab-created perfumes for your mouth. On top of it, there can be as many chemicals in a food’s natural flavor as its artificial counterpart. Why would these bars do something like this? Because without these man made flavors, their products would taste yucky.
  5. Bad tummy anyone?: Ingredients used in many protein bars end up stressing our gastrointestinal systems. People with IBS or sensitive stomachs suffer the most. For example, if a bar uses just a single isolated source to provide all the fiber mentioned in nutrition facts, instead of multiple ingredients, then it can lead to excessive gas and bloating. Or if the bar uses isolates like soy protein isolate, it can lead to stomach aches and other complications. Soy isolates are heavily processed and sprayed with aluminum/hexane.
  6. Company’s bottom line, not yours: Most companies who make protein bars are not driven by your health or the effectiveness of the ingredients. Surprise, surprise. Instead, they focus on low cost and longer shelf life using every compromise they can get away with. These compromises directly affect your health. But these companies have figured out the marketing spin to convince you otherwise.

Where does this leave you, the consumers? Until now, you had no choice but to buy the bullshit and accept the trade-offs. We rationalized: “After all it is a packaged food. How much better can it get?”. Until now.

I believe that it is time we question and challenge the status quo of protein and energy bars. Why are you really compromising? To help the company’s bottom line?

It is time to challenge the status quo of protein bars!

As I thought more and more about this problem, the outrage triggered motivation. The cliched scream built up like an expanding bubble, going through the nooks and crannies of my soul gathering momentum until it was out — “There has to be a better way!” And so, Oorja Nutrition was born.

What is Oorja Nutrition?

Oorja Nutrition is a specialized nutrition company. We give our customers snack bars that combine delicious taste and “beyond normal” nutrition from honest, high quality, natural ingredients, using research from hundreds of published scientific studies. Our products are driven by benefits to the customer, not cost.

The Answer to the Most Important Question

Oorja answers a simple but super important question. Wouldn’t it be awesome to eat a bar that has the best nutrients possible for a natural snack, has none of the bad stuff, tastes unbelievably good, and places customer’s benefits above all else? After over 100 recipe iterations and using research from countless published studies, I believe that Oorja bar answers this question with satisfaction.

Oorja’s “Unfair Advantage”

We have several unfair advantages over our competitors. I will share some of the important ones with you. But if I had to summarize in one sentence, well then, behold our biggest secret:

We keep you in mind.

Picture this: No cost cutting on ingredients, research, packaging. Get the best taste possible. Produce in small batches with no artificial preservatives for maximum freshness and maximum nutrient retention. Are you starting to get the picture?

Here are some more important facts to help you differentiate what you get from Oorja:

  • Superlative, not just in words: Amongst leading natural bars, Oorja gives you the highest combination of protein and fiber, for the lowest amount of Sugar and Net Carbs per gram. A third party QA group has audited and ratified the claim of the highest protein and fiber combination.
  • Ingredients matter: We had a choice. Use cheaper alternatives, cut costs and still get away with similar marketing claims. Or go the extra length and do what’s right. For example, using artificial sweeteners offers a much cheaper way to achieve the same flavor and nutrition profile instead of using costlier natural ingredients. But how would that make us different? How would you trust us? You and I know that these small things add up. It makes a big difference between a bar designed to benefit its company and a bar designed to benefit its customer. Hence Oorja.
    The ingredients for Oorja bar come from vetted, high-quality, natural, and organic sources. They are GMO-free and gluten-free. Oorja has no artificial sweeteners, no inferior sources of protein, and no soy.
  • You absorb more protein than a “20g protein” bar: Oorja uses the highest bio-available sources of protein. This protein stuff is important. Check this out. There are many bars out there with “20g protein”, “30g protein” labels. Is that the amount your body absorbs? The fact is that your body absorbs less than that amount based on bio-availability of the source. But it gets worse. Many of these bars use ingredients with inferior bio-availability. Either to save costs or perhaps they didn’t research enough. Who knows? But the result is that the amount of protein absorbed by your body is even lesser. We created an effective blend of the highest bio-available sources of protein to aid in the greatest absorption of protein by your body. Our sources include cold-processed whey protein isolate, grass-fed whey protein concentrate and milk protein isolate.
  • Applying rigorous scientific research: Oorja bar is a result of researching over 100 published peer-reviewed studies in nutritional and health sciences. Attention to minutest details is second nature to the making of this bar. Example, recent research indicates that sucralose, one of the most commonly used sweeteners in major leading bars, becomes unstable in the presence of heat. Thereupon it releases cancer-causing hydrocarbons and other toxic compounds. We knew that people sometimes heat their bars to make it gooey and tastier, or bake with it, or could simply put in their car dashboard where it gets pretty hot. No way I would allow using this compound in Oorja bars!
  • Environmental Sustainability: We deliberately avoid using ingredients that cause environmental damage wherever possible. Instead, we came up with innovative substitutes to provide the same benefits if not higher. Example, several bars use palm oil to firm up the structure and texture of the bar. Palm oil is cheap. It holds up really well under pressure. We decided against using palm oil. Why? Because it is harvested in non-sustainable fashion resulting in massive deforestation of large swaths of rich tropical rainforests.
  • Caveat: No nutrition bar including Oorja can substitute a whole food cooked meal. Oorja and other bars cannot give you every single vitamin, mineral, and nutrient that your body needs. But as your go-to snack, Oorja goes above and beyond compared to other bars. It can give you energy, keep you satiated, and provide several nutrients to support your fitness and your busy schedule. On top of it, it does so without saddling your body with undesirable toxins, artificial sweeteners, and empty calories.
  • Global food innovation award: Oorja bar’s potency and goodness have received official recognition. Oorja won first place in the nutrition bar category in the prestigious global Bon Appetech food innovation contest. This contest took place in San Francisco in Oct 2015.

I hope that you are beginning to see that there is a compelling case for trying out Oorja bar.

Best way to eat it?

You can eat Oorja bars any time you like. Here are some suggestions:

Eat it 15 to 30 minutes after your workouts. Eat it as a replacement for one of your meals. Many customers eat Oorja for breakfast. They don’t feel hungry till lunch. Many busy professionals grab an Oorja bar to eat during their meetings on days when they don’t have time for a regular meal. Oorja customers have offered amazing testimonials and reported great success with their fitness goals including weight loss and muscle building.

When is Oorja bar coming to market?

Update on 7/25/19: Oorja bar is launched! The website is live and ready to take your orders. Currently we are selling our award-winning protein nutrition bar. More flavors and products will be introduced in next few months, including a path breaking ketogenic bar made with 100% natural ingredients, plant based protein bar, and a couple of other surprise categories that will be revealed later.

Limited time launch special: 25% OFF plus Free Shipping

If you are interested, check out our website and take advantage of the launch special. Get 25% OFF plus Free Shipping on all orders for a limited time. Use code WELCOME25 at the checkout page.


The protein and energy bar industry is compromised. It is tilted in favor of bar manufacturers. That would have been okay had it not been at the expense of the consumer. Unfortunately, as you can see from this article, that is not the case.

The status quo must be challenged. This requires boldness to do what is right. We have taken steps in this direction by introducing Oorja bar. A bar that has prioritized your benefits over profit margins. Yes, it is non-conventional. I sincerely believe this is the only way to go. I am inspired by Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard’s remarks: “…making a profit is not the goal, because the Zen master would say profits happen when you do everything else right.”

Our past customers and supporters have joined us in this movement. I am very grateful to them and inspired by their support. I hope you will join me as well. Try an Oorja bar. You are gonna love it.

If you are interested in valuable fitness hacks and related but engaging information, you are welcome to join our email subsciption. Sign up here.

Oorja Nutrition

Oorja Nutrition

Krish Rathi

Written by

Founder, Oorja Nutrition and non-profit health initiatives.

Oorja Nutrition

Oorja Nutrition

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