Opacity — April Update

Are you a content provider interested in an early preview of the Opacity 1.0 storage application for your audience? Please request access, along with information about your platform, to beta@opacity.io.

Limited Beta Pre-Release, May 2019

As mentioned in the April Interim update, the limited beta pre-release will be provided to writers, bloggers, video, and other content publishers, in addition to select community members. Final dates are still to be confirmed, invites will be sent within the next few weeks as we firm up the dates.

ROQ Media Partnership, May 2019

Opacity is pleased to announce a partnership with ROQ Media for a 1.0 advertising campaign. Read all about it here.

In order to help make this partnership a success, we need to implement some onsite tracking with Google analytics and ROQ tracking. Although this practice can be questionable to some, the tracking still remains completely anonymous. It’s important for us to be able to determine the success of our marketing initiatives so that we are spending and placing our targets wisely.

What is Opacity?

We have released our first explainer video on our website and YouTube, What is Opacity? The video helps us convey what Opacity stands for and what we are trying to accomplish in an easy to understand format for newcomers. We collaborated closely with our Telegram community member @Neither_Fast_Nor_Far who created all the animation — and we are very happy with the results!

We will have two more videos in the series that will explain how the OPQ token benefits the Opacity system and how to use the Opacity application for private file storage. Keep an eye out over the next 4–6 weeks!

Development Update

Opacity 1.0 development is preparing for Beta testing in the next few weeks. Below is a summary of current progress.

Note: ‘Free trial’ feature has been postponed as non-essential for 1.0 launch in order to maintain on-time target. It will be revisited in a future release.

Design — 100%

  • Complete — website and all designs for the new user registration process, the login, and file management screens. All copy text of the application updated.

Frontend — 80%

  • Complete — website, user registration, login, file management integration, client library integrated (encryption for file upload, manage uploads with new storage nodes, and manage file related metadata).
  • Final UX and improvements based on QA testing and beta feedback in progress.

Backend — 80%

  • Complete — user registration/account data, managing payments, managing file storage.
  • Final improvements based on QA testing and beta feedback in progress.

Testing — 15%

  • Testing will now increase heavily in order to prepare for Beta Pre-Release and Go-live preparation.


Opacity Beta Release Participation Giveaway: We offered Beta participation for up to 25 participants for each 1% reduction in tokens stored on Kucoin, detailed here. This incentive ended today with 0 invites earned.

Twitter Stats

The Twitter Ledger Nano S Giveaway is in progress. When we reach 1500 followers, someone will win a Ledger Nano S!

Telegram Users

We’re still giving away 500TB of storage for a year in Telegram. 500 new members will each receive 1TB of storage. Come join us and remember to tell us to #HandleYourPrivacy.

Overall, we have increased by 188 Twitter followers (~16%) and increased Telegram by 268 members (~10%) since the start of April.

Welcome to all the newcomers!

Financial Update

April expenses came in at $81,251 in total. This was ~$9,000 under our forecast amount of $90,817 in last month’s update. We have also increased our future forecast spending to include additional marketing.

That wraps up this month — look for our next update mid-May as we head towards 1.0 launch!

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