Opacity Open Beta and 1.0 Launch Date Announcement

The product is beyond expectation! Magnificent job from the team🙌
Congratz on the big victory!
Yep, beta is impressive. Lots of features to come, for sure…but for a 1.0 release, this is really solid.
I had high expectations about 1.0, but this is way better…gratz to the whole team.
Bugs are so small that the team has been fixing those almost in real time.
This team is just…beyond nuts…its rly awesome.

These are just some of the quotes from the beta test group during the past week and the team has been absolutely thrilled to hear this feedback! We are excited to share the beta testing progress report with you.

We had ~60 beta group members including community members, giveaway winners, and social media influencers. They were very diligent in asking questions and providing feedback for improvement. Overall, they logged >100 issues ranging from minor UI color/typo comments to major upload/download functionality failures. They uploaded almost 25,000 objects with a total of 150 GB used.

We have already implemented many fixes starting with the most important items and we will continue to work through the reported list to update the product further before launch.

Below are summary questions we had asked — and the feedback was very positive!

Open Beta

With the limited beta considered a success, we are ready to close it and are pleased to announce that we will remove the access limits to the site and allow everyone to try it out for themselves!

Everyone will be able to access the site as soon as this article is posted and continue until Sunday June 2, 2019.

Be aware of these important limitations:

  • The site is self-paid, so you’ll want to bring your $0.16 for 2 OPQ to test it out!
  • All accounts and files will be deleted at the end of beta. You will lose all beta files at the end of the beta period.
  • Do not share anything sensitive as anyone will be able to access it.
  • We will keep beta site open until Sunday June 2, 2019.
  • Beta support will be limited, but we will do our best to assist and respond to your feedback and requests.
  • There are some known issues the team is working on for improvements, see 1.0 milestone link below for details.
  • The team may release updates to beta periodically that may interrupt your usage of the site. We will make best efforts to announce these in Telegram.

Please visit the site at beta.opacity.io.

In the News

Be prepared to see Opacity across social media influencers on Youtube and Twitter over the next few weeks. Altcoin Buzz, Bitcoin For Beginners, Crypto Revolution, CryptoRUs, Bitsify, and Michael Nye will all be covering our beta and launch.

And check out Sweet Elyse’s article already published!

Finally, our ROQ Media ad campaign will begin on May 31 to coordinate with the launch as well.

Opacity 1.0 Launch Date

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! (Did you scroll down to this section without reading above? Naughty!)

We will be launching Opacity 1.0 on Wednesday June 5, 2019.

We feel the product is very solid at this stage. We could have pushed to release for the May 31 target we had expected, but there are some known issues that we feel will benefit from the extra 5 days. We want to have the product in the best possible state and this date will allow us to do just that.

You can review the open issues for 1.0 on github here:

We are all very excited to have reached this significant milestone and look forward to seeing everyone for the 1.0 launch!

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