Opacity Prepares v1.0 General Release May 2019

SAN FRANCISCO, CA and LONDON, UK, May 1, 2019 — Opacity Storage, a cryptographic file storage company, today announced their agreement for advertising distribution with ROQ Media. ROQ Media will run programmatic advertising for the Opacity 1.0 product launch campaign starting in May 2019.

The agreement announced between Opacity and ROQ Media will distribute Opacity branded advertising across ROQ Media’s ad network and expand Opacity’s reach in the file storage market segment. The initial agreement will target the US market and include tracking metrics intended to improve market capture over time, optimizing target response rates, website page views, and on-site actions such as video plays and account activation.

“Having worked with numerous projects in the crypto sector for the past two years, we are thrilled to be working with Opacity, a project that we believe is a game changer in the file storage market,” said Charlie Firebrace, co-founder of ROQ Media. “The nature of our sophisticated targeting capabilities and powerful ad platform will allow us to reach Opacity’s prime audience at scale driving users to convert. We are confident that the timing is right and after a US based campaign, we look forward to pushing the message out globally.”

“Opacity is focused on increasing crypto adoption and Opacity 1.0 is a major step forward to accomplish that,” said Jason Coppola, CEO of Opacity. “Our anonymous, no sign-up accounts will disrupt the traditional cloud storage market. ‘Handling your privacy’ is a core mission that differentiates us from other storage providers. ROQ media will help spread awareness of our mission as we take this important step for people to stay in control of their data”.

Opacity is launching the ad campaign to coincide with the 1.0 launch in mid-May 2019.

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About Opacity

Founded in 2018, Opacity Storage is dedicated to online data privacy and security. Opacity reduces the risk of online data breaches by removing the need to provide personal payment data and by decentralizing files stored online. For more information, visit opacity.io and follow @Opacity_Storage on Twitter.

About ROQ Media

Founded in 2017, ROQ Media is a leading marketing agency in the crypto and blockchain sector. Using social data analytics, ROQ Media has a deep understanding of the crypto community, meaning highly sophisticated targeting and optimal programmatic campaign performance. ROQ Media continues to build its network of best in class service providers in the crypto and blockchain space in order to run full PR & marketing campaigns. For more information, visit roqcrypto.io


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