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Willard, sharing Opacity’s file storage with anyone, the simple way!

A problem Crypto communities address daily

Cryptocurrency communities are always emphasizing the need for ease of use and adoption…

“My friends & family don’t understand crypto, we need to make it simple.”

“I want to share the platform with people outside of crypto, but teaching them is painful and takes a lot of time and effort, until they finally can use the product.”

“How is my grandma supposed to use Opacity?”

You probably have seen these or similar quotes before. There’s the standard question of how to make the process of using a crypto product more simple for the average person.

In Opacity’s Telegram group, one of our main community tools we use for outreach, we share OPQ with a third-party tipping tool called ParJar. It allows members to tip each other the OPQ token, and by adding Ethereum to your ParJar account, it is possible to make a payment directly from ParJar to the ETH address provided during Opacity’s sign-up.

However, while ParJar is a useful tool to foster community engagement, the fact that it requires Ethereum to send OPQ from ParJar proved to be an obstacle. Also, the tipping feature is limited to Telegram, creating another hurdle for this useful tool. With Telegram’s increasing user base of non-tech-savvy new users, they are often overwhelmed by the functionalities of actively using the bot.

People should be able to share Opacity all they want, anywhere they want, while not sacrificing the advantages of our zero-knowledge, private cloud storage.

So, what’s simpler than a gift code?

Everyone is familiar with them. You’ve probably received one from a family member or a friend in the past. People are familiar with the concept, it’s easy, straightforward and adds a feel of value, too.

Introducing Willard — The OPQCodeBot

I wanted to make it simpler, so I began to tinker on a little side-project. It started out to be a similar bot to ParJar, except it doesn’t let you tip each other OPQ.

Instead, it lets you tip OPQ Storage Accounts!

OK, don’t worry, not pre-made accounts, but OPQBOT-Codes that allow the end-user to create their own account. The person generating the code pays a slight mark-up to cover the GAS fees of the Ethereum blockchain. Codes can then be redeemed at any time for one of Opacity’s 128GB zero-knowledge cloud storage accounts (1TB to come in the near future!).

By including the GAS in the fee, the first obstacle was already overcome. And to make it accessible for anyone, the bot’s interface was simplified to two buttons: REDEEM and ADVANCED.

The bot options include:

  • Redeem
    Redeem a code you generated or someone gifted you.
  • Generate Codes
    Create up to 8 codes at once and 30 codes in total.
  • My Codes
    A list of all codes you own.
  • Random Code
    Giving you a random code of your generated unused codes.
  • My balance
    Your current OPQ balance in Willard.
  • Update Balance
    Let you deposit OPQ to your account in Willard (one-way only currently and you need to be whitelisted)
  • How-to-use?
    Chose to display information about any function.

Two ways to share your codes

Sharing codes with Willard is simple.

First, you can give a person the alpha-numeric code. In this case, the bot allows you to reserve codes, so you don’t end up reusing a code you already gifted to a friend for yourself.

/reserve <CODE> <Note>

These codes are then ignored by the Random Code functionality.

The second choice is to reply with !giftcode to a message in one of our Telegram groups which will gift the code to that user directly!

Redeeming with Willard on Telegram:

Did someone give you a code like OPQBOT-ESQ8BU4BUERM? Great!

Someone gifted you 128GB of Opacity’s zero-knowledge cloud storage. It’s really simple to redeem an OPQBOT-code with Willard:

How-To Redeem a code with Willard in Telegram

Due to the straightforward usage of Willard, the general feedback has been very positive. However, the second obstacle, the limitation to Telegram, was not overcome with Willard alone. I needed to make it even more accessible.

Willard’s WebApp

These codes should be accessible to anyone, not only Telegram users. They should be easy to spread, printed on gift cards, stickers, QR-Codes on campuses, as a free goodie in packages of middle-sized companies, anywhere! They should only generate any cost if they are actually redeemed.

The use cases for a code ecosystem, where the end-user never has to touch an Ethereum wallet, never touch an exchange, never actually use a cryptocurrency — this, and the possibility of paying with fiat — that’s the dream of reaching true adoption of a tokenized blockchain product. The average person uses a code or pays with fiat, and behind the scenes, everything happens automatically that would normally hinder these users to get in touch with a cryptocurrency product in the first place.

And to reach this, the next logical step is an access point from anywhere on the internet, not just Telegram. Whoever has a browser should be able to use Opacity, and also be able to redeem coupon codes.

I am not a web designer or a design person by any means, but I want to introduce Willard’s basic little WebApp to you.

How-To Redeem a code with Willard’s WebApp

Like Willard’s Telegram interface, a user can enter a valid OPQBOT-Code and the Ethereum payment address received in the sign-up process of Opacity. The WebApp is currently very simplistic and it may lack some details, but it’s fully functional and anyone can redeem any OPQBOT-Code generated with Willard through the WebApp!

As a Thank You for spreading Opacity’s use case and product to others, the original creator of the code is also credited 0.4 OPQ to his balance in Willard.

Try it out!

8 codes to test out Willard’s WebApp to redeem 128GB of Opacity’s storage! Enjoy your 128GB account, if you are fast enough!

Planned Improvements

Optimally, it would be better to have the whole process not detached on a separate website. Also currently missing is the possibility to create different kind of codes — so not only 128GB accounts, but also larger storage accounts — available soon!


  • Adding more code options to create 1TB, as well as 2TB accounts
  • Making the whole WebApp more appealing and explanatory of “What is Opacity? Why use Opacity?” — Potential of teaching and explaining, leading to a higher chance to hook up people to use/share it. People need to learn why their data is valuable.
  • Listen to feedback and tweak Willard’s interface to be more user-friendly.
  • Researching promotional opportunities for spreading:
    - Gift card designs? (easy generation of a print of a card in Willard?)
    - QR Code (Sticker?) designs
  • Affiliate marketing: Adding the functionality to hand out gift codes within our Telegram community as a promotional effort — if they share the code, they receive cashback.

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Opacity Storage

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