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What You Should Know About The Brand, OPay

The OPay Blog
Jul 23 · 3 min read
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The OPay Brand

OPay as a money mobile operator in Nigeria is committed to offering services that make life much easier and more comfortable through the use of our innovative app that can be used online and offline through our vast network of agents.

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OPay Agent Business

The pandemic has significantly impacted many businesses and made financial access a little more difficult, however with our 300,000 agents all around the nation, we provide a solution that does not require you to walk for miles or stand in a long queue just to process deposits or payments.

OPay is legally licensed and duly regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria, which gives us the right to operate and offer financial services to all customers, banked or unbanked. You are assured of the highest safety and security features when using our services.

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OPay Agent Business

Here at OPay, we offer a variety of services designed to help make your daily tasks and transactions easy and stress free.

  • Deposit money into any bank in Nigeria
    — O2O transfer (OPay to OPay)
    — OPay QR using your scan or barcode to pay and receive payment
    — Deposit and Withdrawal of cash from your OPay wallet using any nearby.
  • Opay Agent
    — Buy airtime and mobile data
    — Pay bills (Cable TV, Electricity)
    — Betting deposits to different companies
    — Savings (OWealth & FlexiFixed) and so much more.

    You stand to benefit a lot using the OPay platform;
    — Seamless transfer to any OPay user and any Bank in Nigeria
    — No charges on all services with the exception of Bank transfer charged at N10 only.
  • Discounts/Cashback on Airtime purchase
    — Competitive Savings & Investment product with the potential to earn BIG
    — Free POS terminal for Agents within four weeks of use (T&C apply)
    — Agent Commissions and free service vouchers.

Amid a challenging pandemic, OPay empathizes with all Nigerians. We are committed to supporting our valued customers and the entire nation whiles navigating this global challenge. We have donated masks and foodstuffs to the Lagos state government to ensure more people are fed and masked during this period.

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OPay CSR Campaign

We stand with you all and are determined to do what we can to make life a little easier while encouraging you all to stay safe and stay healthy.

Stay safe with OPay.

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