Get more out of your DevOps with Containers!

Opcito’s recent blog, DevOps A Culture More Than A Practice, accentuated how DevOps is aiming to establish a culture and environment to revolutionize the IT industry by improving performance, increasing productivity, efficiency, and encouraging innovation. Simplest and a very generalised way to put DevOps is, breaking down barriers between your development and IT operations team to strike a perfect harmony between processes which will lead to faster, coordinated delivery of software. However, to attain this perfect synchronization between your Dev and Ops teams there should be a medium over which these two can communicate and compute. The majority of businesses are talking about making significant progress in their DevOps initiative but there can be lot of difficulties in actual DevOps pipeline. The shared environment can be one of them, where your IT processes have to wait in a long queue for their turn to utilise the resources. Virtualization, especially of your machines, is one of the solutions which can solve some of your problems but again it has limited resources for storage and compute and you have to wait for human approvals to utilise them. Even if we automate the approval process, the limited set of resources still poses a problem which needs to be answered.Read More….