At the end of the day, though, it’s functionally largely equivalent to a moderated comment system…
James Kwak

Controlling trolls in the new commenting system

Professor James Kwak writes, “I don’t think there’s a way to create a system that lots of people will participate in and that doesn’t generate lots of garbage”

Good point.

If I understand the new commenting control correctly, looks like this is the problem that this new system of commenting or responses is aiming to address. I can write a comment below the main post of the author but unless the author approves or follows me, no one else will be able to see what I wrote. I assume that the author will get a notification that X has written a comment next to his ot post, but whether to release the comment as part of the article rests with the original author of the article. That said, X’s comment will in any case will be his own responsibility, so if he decides to show case that as a new post to his followers is upto him because this is now a new update/post/ with its own tag and is a stand alone thing.

Which means even if there be a lot of garbage comments in response to the post or say spam or troll, the original author is the filter here being in control, :-), if I got it right. The comment space can potentially remain clean. It’d still be interesting to see what Medium will do to the garbage comment posts that show up on the main window anyway. Who will clean them? It is another matter that at least the people or the publications that I follow, I have not seen any spam or abusive posts or violent disagreements anywhere yet.

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