First off, before I write a wall of text: hi!
elizabeth tobey


A great response from elizabeth tobey, the Community manager of Medium where she raised the point of better highlighting. When I think of highlighting a piece of text in Medium, often wonder what happens when I highlight a piece of text.

In a sense, this is my contribution, my active engagement with the piece of text that I am reading, even though I may not end up reading the full text. But what happens after I highlight? Can I retrieve a list of all my highlights at some point along with their parent texts? This is something I like in Kindle reading, but that is also at times distracting in the sense my attention gets drawn to the highlighted segments of the text because of their different colour. I know what I would benefit from, a list of my highlighted readings and articles delivered to me (?enail/?dedicated space in Medium/?app … I do not know). I know though that now, when someone highlights the same passages that I did in an article, I get a notice. So, this is a signal of like mindedness? X is thinking about the same things or feeling the same way I did when I highlighted? Not necessarily. Which brings me to the second point.

How about having a writing prompt with each highlight to record the ideas that I associate with when I highlight something. It could be something that I may want to come back and read again. Or a point of debate. Or just that, we use Medium as a talking point of group reading.

If each chunk of text with highlights in turn had their own URIs that we could use in **some** ways, beyond differential colouring and getting notices, that network of my highlights could be really useful for me, to return to Medium over and over again.

Yes? No?

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