Write Like a Human
Sarah Skaggs

This I learned on writing from Medium

Use everyday language. Be precise. Avoid purely decorative or cool-sounding words. Use images to convey meaning (like a wheelbarrow or a chicken!), but with concrete details, not abstractions. Be direct. Distill meaning to its core.

If there’s one thing you should read on Medium today, I bet this is it. Medium is my inexhaustible resource of good writing. Good writing advices, words to the wise. In Medium, from @Tom Farr , I learned the craft of how best to tell your story. Three steps, no big deal:

  1. Create an outline.
  2. Write x words in y minutes and write as much as you can in y minutes. When you do so, turn off your delete/back space key. Follow Hemingway’s advice, “Write drunk, edit sober”. Doesn’t matter.
  3. Then edit.

Wow! There are apps for that too. Try Hemingway and Drafts (both are free and on the web).

Then I learned that my first draft can be anything I like, it does not matter. Write the first draft with beginner’s mind. Then edit it three times. The first time by just correcting and re-writing it. The second time adding research, harshly critiquing it. The third time refining it further.

Then, … let it go! Let go of it. Release it in the wild. Your writing is for others. Not yours to hoard.

The quote I started with has a parent essay. Please read it. That article is another master class on writing in Medium.