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My new role at Open Collective!

I couldn’t be more excited to share with you that I’m becoming Open Collective’s new CEO!

This is a dream project for me and I am so proud of it’s mission to organize the internet generation.

The internet brings people together to form communities like never before, but the problem is that there is no organizational structure that enables them to be financially sustainable in a way that reflects who they are.

I’ve spent the last +10 years (geez…) building alternative systems. With Democracy Earth and Partido de la Red, I pushed for new political institutions that better reflect today’s society, technology, connectivity, and information flows. Similarly, Open Collective reflects today’s need for more transparent, open, and flexible organizations. We abstract the clunky, old operating system of legal entities and accounting, so that communities can focus on what they love and be sustained for the future.

Together with Xavier — Open Collective’s founder & former CEO — we will take Open Collective to a new level.🚀

The roadmap ahead includes:

  • Growing our community of collectives, with a focus on open source projects, meetups, and organizations with multiple chapters (apply here)
  • Support the network of umbrella organizations, including Open Collective chapters around the world (start your own).
  • Make it easy for more companies to find and contribute to collectives (become a sponsor).
  • Enable open collectives to receive crypto currencies and issue their own tokens (talk to us).

The team alongside me driving this effort is incredible: Alanna Irving, Lincoln Clarete, Nick Hehr, and François Hodierne . ❤️🙏🏽

I am thrilled to continue this journey towards the sustainability of many more communities around the world. I can’t wait to see where we go from here!

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