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As fiscal host to 1300+ open source projects on Open Collective, we’re on a mission to help the whole ecosystem thrive.

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3 min readJul 23, 2019


Join a Maintainer Support Group

While open source is inherently collaborative, maintainers can sometimes feel isolated. We’re connecting the humans behind the code, to support each other’s learning and growth, personally and professionally. Join us!

Coming soon: Back Your Entire Stack

Back Your Stack is a great way to discover dependencies and support them financially. But you had to do it one by one. Now, companies will be able to make one regular financial contribution and we’ll automatically distribute the funds to all their dependencies. Stay tuned for more news about this soon!

Brand Revamp

As you can see, we have a new logo!

Next up: our own website, coming soon! We’ve also changed our URLs:

Survey Results: What Core Contributors Want

The feedback you gave us in our recent survey is helping set OSC’s priorities. Everything we’re doing relates to what you told us is important.

Widening the OSC Umbrella

Now welcoming more Collectives worldwide who are building open source beyond code — like meetups, user groups, advocacy initiatives, and conferences. To support this, we’ve expanded our fiscal hosting acceptance criteria and updated our Terms of Fiscal Sponsorship accordingly.

Latest OSC Board Update

Our board meeting minutes are transparent, including financial info.

SustainOSS Update

There have been lots of exciting outcomes from the last few years of the SustainOSS conferences. Now the community is discussing where to go next.

Pro tips you should know:

  1. Link Github and your Collective: using the Sponsor button on your repo, configured in the FUNDING.yml file in your .github folder.
  2. Zapier integration: Make new expenses and updates in your Collective trigger actions in 1000s of apps.
  3. Open Collective Design is offering special deals to open source Collectives for logos, brand work, and websites.



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