Open Collective Update—July 2019

Preview of Collective page redesign, join an open source support group, OSC opening up, Witchcraft interview, and more.

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3 min readJul 17, 2019


Collective Page Redesign

We are making massive improvements to the design of Collective pages. We’d love your feedback before we roll it out.

To preview, append V2 to the end of any Collective URL.

Share your feedback!

Maintaining the Maintainers: join an open source peer support group

In our recent survey of core contributors, more than half said they would like to participate in maintainer peer support opportunities. So, we’re kicking it off! Interested? Find out more and sign up.

The Open Source Collective’s widening umbrella

To support open source beyond just code, OSC is now fiscally hosting even more projects who are building the ecosystem worldwide, like meetups, advocacy initiatives, and conferences. Learn more.

Featured Collective: Witchcraft

Interview with Brooklyn Zelenka, blockchain engineer, functional programming & math wizard, community builder, and founder.

💡 Pro Tips!

  1. Link Github and your Collective: using the Sponsor button on your repo, configured in the FUNDING.yml file in your .github folder.
  2. Zapier integration: Make new expenses and updates in your Collective trigger actions in 1000s of apps.

Introducing Open Collective Design

Did you know the designers behind Open Collective are actually a Collective, based in Guadalajara, Mexico? Now they are opening up to working with all Collectives. If you need a logo, brand help, or a website, get in touch with them!

News & Inspiration

📝 Latest update from the Open Source Collective board, who shares meeting minutes transparently.

🤔 Open Collective is clarifying its strategy as a platform and a company. Weigh in here if you’d like to add any thoughts.

🕹️ Welcome to new a Collective, Rust Analyzer — an experimental compiler frontend for the Rust programming language.

⏭️ Thought provoking article from Steve Klabnik: What comes after “open source”.

⚡Late last year, Google announced Chrome’s Web Framework & Tools Performance Fund. We’re thrilled to say the funds are being distributed on Open Collective, starting with a $10k contribution to Bundlesize.

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