Support for Open Source comes in different ways, in this case it comes with cheese!!

pia mancini
Oct 24, 2017 ยท 2 min read

Update: Cloudflare is renewing their commitment for another season!

Cloudflare wants to say thanks to open source projects for being part of making the Internet a better place. And they want to do it by buying the food for your next meetup!


Web performance & optimization groups

Front-end frameworks

Local JS / PHP / Ruby / etc. meetup groups

Diversity & inclusion meetups for web devs / dev ops / tech ops

Workshops / classes for web devs / dev ops / tech ops

Your meetup group

How it works:

1. Tweet a photo of the crowd and mention @Cloudflare โ€” we love seeing your smiling faces :)

2. Give a 30 second shout-out.

Ok, thereโ€™s one more step, Cloudflare is reimbursing your pizza expense via their Open Collective. Please add the link to tweet on a note on your expense so we can share it!

More info on how to submit an expense.

Optional goodies

Email at least 2 weeks before the meetup with a mailing address and weโ€™ll mail you some goodies to share with your attendees too.

What are you waiting for?

This is the perfect excuse to host a tech Meet-up!

The Open Collective Team :)

Open Collective

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pia mancini

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Cofounder Open Collective @opencollect | @democracyearth | @democracyOS @partidodelared | YCW15 | | Par de una sociedad en red | Sustainer

Open Collective

Our old blogโ€Šโ€”โ€Šsee new posts at

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