Sponsorship alert! Waffle.io is supporting tech meetups up to $750.

pia mancini
Apr 5, 2018 · 2 min read

Woot! How does it work?

Each month Waffle.io will sponsor two tech /dev meetups in US & Canada (first come, first served). The sponsorship entails $10 per pre-registrant up to 75 people.

If your expect your Meetup Event to exceed 75 pre-registrants and the $750 limit, please contact ana@waffle.io to discuss a custom sponsorship.

Sweet! How do I sign up?

1) Create a Collective for your Meetup group.

2) Open an Event for registrants to sign up.

Easy! What does Waffle.io expect in return?

Choose 1 of 2 options:

Waffle will send 1 email to your pre-registrants extending access to a free Waffle.io trial.


Have Waffle.io Developer Advocate, Adam Zolyak present a 5 minute lightening talk to open your Event.

Wait, I don’t have the pre-registrants emails!

Yes you do, the event on your open collective gives you access to the attendees info to print name tags and email them.

Please note: that Waffle.io will use a dedicated email (:eventslug@:collectiveslug.opencollective.com) that reaches the attendees, you don’t have to provide their email address.

Last one, I don’t have a bank account for our meetup, how do I get the $$?

Worry not! That’s what Open Collective is all about, we provide your meetup with a virtual organization you can use to receive the sponsorship and spend it transparently. More info: https://opencollective.com/learn-more

Yay! 👉🏽 opencollective.com/meetups/apply

With ❤ from the Open Collective Team.

Open Collective

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pia mancini

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Cofounder Open Collective @opencollect | @democracyearth | @democracyOS @partidodelared | YCW15 | http://go.ted.com/gnL | Par de una sociedad en red | Sustainer

Open Collective

Our old blog — see new posts at https://blog.opencollective.com

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