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Team update

I have one sad news and one great news to tell you about.

The sad news is that my friend and cofounder Aseem is moving forward. We are grateful for all the great work he accomplished during the 2+ years he spent with us working on Open Collective. Thank you Aseem! 🙏
He will become a Dad very soon and we are super excited for him! 👶🏽

The great news is that Open Collective is moving forward as well. With that change in the founding team we decided to reorganize ourselves. I’ll be focusing more on product and engineering and Pia Mancini is becoming the new CEO of Open Collective 🎉

The world needs more women CEOs. And Pia has all it takes to lead Open Collective to new heights! 🙋🏻

Pia joined in January 2016 as a cofounder. It didn’t take too long to convince her to join this adventure. Prior to that, she founded, a foundation that she’s still chairing. I hope you’ll join me in congratulating her for this new position and that you will support her in her work. The story is just beginning.

Onward! 🚀

Update: see also Pia’s story on her new role



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Xavier Damman

Xavier Damman


Dad, free (crypto) citizen, rebel for life. Sharing ideas for the world, executing on some of them (All for Climate DAO,, Open Collective, Storify)