CryptoChassis 3.0 Went Public

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Cheers! In order to better serve retail and professional traders in the crypto community, we have worked very hard in the past few months on creating a Python API for our users, and we’ve finally completed this mission 🎉: In this process we conducted extensive research trying to figure out the “best” approach. Finally we picked the same methodology as Bloomberg used to create their Python bindings for their C++ API: using Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator (SWIG). One major advantage of SWIG is that by using a nearly identical interface file it is able to generate bindings for a plethora of high-level programming languages such as Python, Java, C#, Javascript, etc. In the landscape of high frequency trading, on one hand C++ remains to be the most popular choice thanks to its superior performance . On the other hand, Python has been gaining strong momentum and recognition among programmatic traders thanks to its ease of use and high productivity. In particular it has almost become the default programming language for data scientists. Therefore we think that it is an awesome idea to create a Python binding for ccapi so that the library becomes more friendly to the general crypto community by offering an easier entry point. Because our Python API is automatically generated by SWIG from C++ headers, it provides the end user with a nearly identical interface compared to C++ API, being a simple streaming or an advanced feature.

Want to stream market best bids and asks tick-by-tick?

session = Session(option, config, eventHandler)
subscription = Subscription('coinbase', 'BTC-USD', 'MARKET_DEPTH')

Want to submit an order at lightning speed?

session = Session(option, config, eventHandler)
request = Request(Request.Operation_CREATE_ORDER, 'binance-us', 'BTCUSD')

Hopefully this library could make your life as a trader much easier. Join us on Discord 🎉



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