Open Data Delaware — Our New Look

If you’ve been paying attention to the Open Data Delaware Twitter and Facebook accounts, you’ve gotten a sneak peek of our slick, new brand. With our summer break in programming (and to give everyone a chance to get a quick vacation), our organizing team (Ryan, David, Eli, and myself) have been hard at work behind the scenes examining all aspects of our community and identifying ways we can build and grow.

The New Look

Our new logo and brand is a refresh of our original look. We wanted our brand to reflect how our community has grown across the last three years and reflect the depth of the work we do, focusing in our work in advocating, educating, and building. The connected “data points” over the DE visually highlights our commitment to open data and underscores how important our community and networks are to the work we do. We know you can’t wait to get your hands on this new swag (we’ve spent too much time thinking about stickers and maybe even temporary tattoos). But be sure to hang on to the vintage stickers adorning your laptops that’s how you know you are part of the OG Open Data Delaware community.

Stay Tuned

Along with the work of the new brand, we’ve been brainstorming all kinds of ideas to advocate, educate, and build civic technology across Delaware. One of these is our new Medium blog (which you are reading right now, welcome!) we will be sharing stories, projects, and ideas here. Want to contribute your thoughts or ideas to the blog? Reach out to one of the organizing team members. Be sure to follow our blog, Slack, Twitter, Facebook, and Meet-Up for news on a possible longer-form R training, ways to get more involved with ODD, and all kinds of exciting updates!

Get Involved

Join us for one of our weekly meetups, Code and Coffee in Wilmington or Newark Codes. We’re also hosting a Welcome Back ODD Happy Hour on September 26th, grab some of those slick, new stickers and find out what we are all about! If you are interested in contributing to Open Data Delaware’s projects or organizing team, feel free to reach out via Slack.

Betsey Suchanic is a co-organizer of Open Data Delaware and facilitates Newark Codes. When she’s not geeking out over civic technology, she is conducting research for local governments and the Delaware Department of Transportation at the Institute for Public Administration at the University of Delaware, where she working on her Masters of Public Administration. She moonlights as a graphic designer, photographer, and business consultant. You can connect with her on the ODD slack or twitter at: @betseysuchanic