November Meetup: ODD Movie Night

Things have started to quieten down for the year and people are slowly shifting into relax mode, so we thought it would be perfect to host an Open Data Durban Movie Night. Everyone enjoys movie nights, whether it’s for the popcorn, the sweet treats or just the learn something new.


On Thursday the 24th of November we hosted the screening of the two-part film series ‘Steal This Film’ documenting the movement against intellectual property. The first part documented the prominent players in the Swedish piracy culture: The Pirate Bay, Piratbyran, and the Pirate Party. You can read more about how Pirate Bay operates here. The documentary mentions that file-sharing sites like Pirate Bay are the future and I guess they were right cause we now have sites like Netflix and Spotify.


We ended off the evening with hearing what everyone thought of file sharing, copyright laws and the movie industry and their fight against sites like Pirate Bay. According to Investopedia, it costs $65 000 just to produce a movie. But this excludes distributing and marketing. So a point that was made is that the movie industry may be struggling to make a profit is because it cost so much just to pay the cast, actors like Will Smith and Ben Stiller get paid between $34 000 — $36 000 per movie this is more than half the cost to produce the movie. A blog post by Bloggingehow looks at the 17 of the highest paid actors/actresses of 2016.This left us with the thought that the rest of the production crew probably don’t get paid a decent amount for their work and that this also the reason why consumers get charged a high price just to purchase the movie. So what is really the downfall of the movie industry not being able to make their intended profits, is it the fact that actors get paid so much or is it because of free filesharing sites or even both?

We look forward to our next Meetup. Keep eye on our Meetup page to see when our next events are taking place and what interesting subject we tackle next.

- Happiness

Happiness Maphumulo is the Community Lead at Open Data Durban and enjoys reading thrillers and crime fiction.

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