Marigot Permaculture in Kenya: Regeneration from the ground up

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3 min readJun 5, 2023


Standing in front of a freshly milled plot of land, Hosea Kandagor introduces himself and begins to speak about Marigat Permaculture Farm. Gesturing to the field around him, looking between the earth and the camera, Hosea shares about the highly degraded land he is on. Even in this one minute video clip he has sent the Open Forest Protocol team, his passion and eagerness to demonstrate how his community in Baringo County, Kenya plans to restore the land, is poignant:

“Restoring this land through reforestation, land restoration and transitioning it into a climate positive model with syntropic Agroforestry and market gardening integration is our biggest joy. This will be a learning Centre for the entire region, full of potential of replication and transformation for a thriving community and climate actions led by farmers.”

As a small, community led initiative, the Galken Regen CARE: Marigat Permaculture Farm Project has direct impact on local stakeholders. The project is led by a group of young, innovative farmers who are passionate about creating a more sustainable and regenerative future, with Hosea at their helm. As a reforestation and regeneration project, this permaculture farm will:

  • Use agroecological practices that enhance soil and ecosystem health
  • Provide nutritious and organically grown fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices
  • Restore traditional medicinal and indigenous culturally valued plants
Bare land ready for design

Ecological benefits evolve into community impact, with an aim to build strong relationships with farmers to promote a more just and equitable regenerative food system.

And this is all from 1 hectare of regenerated land, led and owned by Hosea and the Rabai village community. Stakeholders on the ground include Sagitian Medical Centre in Marigat and County Government of Baringo and National Government agencies.

When asked about the challenges that Marigot Permaculture faces, Hosea mentioned funding and capital, as it is currently up and running from community and individual contributions. The monitoring and documenting of these indigenous forest systems for the local communities is critical in driving finance and understanding, from within and out.

Excavation of Swales- Planting of rain before planting of tree.

Marigat Permaculture and OFP

They found us through LinkedIn! Using technology to connect and open access to MRV (measurement, reporting, and verification) tools for Marigat Permaculture is the foundation of OFP’s vision.

Without an intermediary ever setting foot in Rabai Village in Kenya, Hosea’s project was onboarded to the protocol, uploaded their forest data through the Forester Mobile app, which appears on the Ecosystem Explorer (right here for your viewing!), and which is currently being validated on-chain by over a dozen third party Verification entities. It takes a village, in the classic sense of the saying, but in this case it really is taking just one village to cultivate true, impact-felt change.

Hosea’s response when asked what his vision for Marigat is

OFP will help Marigat Permaculture Farm Project:

  • Track and monitor its reforestation and land restoration efforts
  • Ensure the accuracy and transparency of the project’s data
  • Connect the project with the carbon market, which will provide the project with a sustainable source of income
  • Raise awareness of the project and its work
Marigat Permaculture on the Ecosystem Explorer

Marigat Permaculture Farm Project is a valuable example of community led regeneration and empowerment. Hosea and his team are helping to create a more sustainable future, and it is an inspiration to us all!

Hear directly from Hosea and view the forest plot and validation status on the Ecosystem Explorer!

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