OFP formalizes partnership with Ivory Coast to restore 20% of forest cover by 2030

Open Forest Protocol
Open Forest Protocol
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The Open Forest Protocol (OFP) is committed to globally mitigating the adverse effects of climate change by increasing the accessibility and transparency of the measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) of forestation projects. To pursue our mission of scaling nature-based solutions, OFP collaborates with like-minded stakeholders, governments, NGOs, companies, and research institutions. Governments, in particular, are key partners as decision-makers in national strategies for environmental and reforestation policies.

It is with bright optimism that OFP announces a formal partnership with the government of Ivory Coast to revamp forestation efforts within the nation.

In March of 2022, OFP ratified a convention with the Ivorian Minister of Forest and Water, as well as Agro-Map, a local Ivorian forest project developer. OFP, Agro-Map, and the Ivorian government will work in consortium with local communities to sustainably reforest and restore 5,067 hectares of degraded forest land in the Gorké forest region.

The previous half-century has seen a dramatic increase in the deforestation and degradation of protected forests. The Ivory Coast alone has witnessed a staggering loss of 80% of the country’s forest cover since 1960. In response, the Ivorian government has designed and implemented a national strategy to address the environmental and socioeconomic impacts of wide-scale deforestation. They aim to cover 20% of the land area in the Ivory Coast with forests by 2030. This strategy will not only improve the governance of forests, but it will strengthen the protection of natural areas, and bring much-needed restoration to deforested zones. The convention signed by the OFP and Agro-Map consortium to restore, monitor, and protect the Gorké forest is crucial to the Ivory Coast government’s strategy.

OFP in Ivory Coast

OFP CEO and Co-Founder, Fred Fournier, signs the collaboration agreement

Agro-Map, a local Ivorian company renowned for its forestation expertise, will be managing the project from the ground. Agro-Map will leverage its experience developing reforestation and agroforestry projects with communities and small producers. Local communities are key stakeholders of this project, so Agro-Map will work to integrate the communities living in and around the forest area, involving locals into project activities to ensure permanence and continue restoration and monitoring efforts indefinitely. During the 5 years of the project, local communities will be consulted at every step of the process because their invaluable insight and continued involvement is a critical driver of change. Forums, training, and councils will be held regularly with the local communities to ensure they are following proper protocols, and to encourage them to take ownership of this project.

OFP will provide its cutting-edge MRV technology, that allows for the transparent monitoring and verification of tree plantation, and the subsequent growth and carbon storage of the newly reforested area. The immutable and open-sourced nature of blockchain technology will ensure project permanence — utilizing OFP’s MRV will confer credibility of this project to stakeholders, which will foster future opportunities to garner support from international advocates and stakeholders.

Map of the Gorké Forest of the Ivory Coast showing the current Forest Cover (Couverture forestière) in green, as well as the area degraded by deforestation (Zone Dégradée) shaded by black crosshatching (courtesy of Agro-Map).
Satellite map of the Gorké Forest (courtesy of Google Earth).


This partnership between OFP and the Ivory Coast government is a promising step towards OFP-enabled climate action — this agreement will allow the
Ivory Coast to scale nature-based solutions to climate change, and transparently verify their reforestation and conservation efforts. The trees planted and conserved in the Gorké Forest of the Ivory Coast will inspire future restoration efforts in surrounding areas, and encourage global participation in international efforts for reforestation. This project creates a powerful triad — combining the technological capacity and international reach of OFP with the local grounding of Agro-Map, and the support and oversight of the Ivory Coast government we are creating a blueprint for further collaborations between the Open Forest Protocol and other nations. We anticipate a prosperous future for the Gorké Forest because of this partnership — stay tuned for more!

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