Automatically Generate TypeScript Definitions for GraphQL Queries with Apollo Codegen

faraz amiruddin
Dec 20, 2018 · 4 min read
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So happy together


npx create-react-app react-apollo-typescript --typescript
yarn add graphql apollo-boost react-apollo
yarn add -D apollo @types/graphql

Downloading Our GraphQL Schema

yarn run apollo schema:download --endpoint= graphql-schema.json
✔ Loading Apollo Project
✔ Saving schema to graphql-schema.json

Creating a GraphQL Query and Generating Type Definitions

yarn run apollo codegen:generate --localSchemaFile=graphql-schema.json --target=typescript --includes=src/**/*.ts --tagName=gql --addTypename --globalTypesFile=src/types/graphql-global-types.ts types
✔ Loading Apollo Project
✔ Generating query files with 'typescript' target - wrote 2 files

Using Our Typed Query in React

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