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Nader Dabit

Aug 12, 2019

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Open GraphQL Moving to

If you’re reading this, chances are you are following either me or the Open GraphQL publication.

TLDR: Check out our new publication here.

Medium has defaulted all posts to be behind a paywall (meaning you need to opt out, not opt in) which has caused some confusion for people that have published here in the past. This has caused some posts to be behind a paywall that people may not have really wanted to be behind by default.

Default setting when publishing.

Over the past year I’ve seen many people not enjoying the experience of reading on Medium now that many of these articles are behind this paywall so I have been slowly moving my personal as well as new publications writing to

I’ve created a new Open GraphQL publication there. If you’re interested in contributing or writing about GraphQL, come join us there. is a great and thriving community of people passionate about what they do. Also, you are able to write in Markdown allowing you to easily port your content to other places with ease.

Thanks for reading!