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Eowyn Comes Home 2

fighter craft

Eowyn looked at Ono and saw her puffy eyes. He knew. She had broken it off with Barry. As she put on her flight suit he noticed the ink stains on her hands and the nicotine stains from one too many and he knew it was all over.

“Why did you do it?”

“You know why I did it. We aren’t coming back from this op.” She replied icily.

Eowyn knew this was his fault. He had called the wing back from leave. He had to brief them that their admiral had picked them for this mission. They were to sacrifice themselves for HIS greater good.

“I have been thinking. Maybe we don’t have to die today. Maybe its time for someone else to sacrifice themselves for the noble cause.”

“Oh operation Wind Scream? Are you shitting me? Even if we could get near the island tower and then balance our valkerie perfect in the air. You would have to shoot through the glass AND hit him fatally. Oh and then we have to explain it to the true believers on the decks below. You mean that plan Eowyn?”

“I mean that plan Ono. I can take the shot, I know I can hit him.”

“But you don’t have a plan for what happens afterward do you buddy?” Ono looked at Eowyn sympathetically. She knew he wanted to get them all out of it but after what happened at Copper Canyon…..killing his father……even if he was gunning for the unit. How would he have any credibility to the crew after that.

Both quickly grabbed their helmets and mounted their aircraft. The takeoff was flawless as usual and the sky was a dark cobalt blue. Just high enough to see the stars while low enough to know you were in the sky.

Eowyn pushed the fighter to max output and they caught up with the remaining fighter from their air wing. Ducky off to their left was trying to make light of the situation.

“Alright lead good day to die huh buddy?”

“Ducky we have our orders lets just for now focus on the mission.” Eowyn responded everyone noticed the exhaustion in his voice. Ducky had other ideas however.

“Lets land in that field we noticed yesterday. You know that corn field.”

Eowyn noticed he was on their personal com channel. He looked back at Ono and she signaled with her thumb down.

Both fighters shut off their tracking just as the mission brief had ordered but instead of flying into the designated building giving their lives for a cause none of them bought anymore, they quietly landed in a cornfield over 750 nautical miles away from electronic prying eyes.

Now for a fighter that was space capable the Valkerie series was a remarkably simple machine. Aside from a simple MCP or data display, there was a stick to steer, foot pedals, thrust control and weapons display. Most of the brain and computer power behind the fighter lay in the pilot and co pilots helmets. They were bulky, they were dense but once place on the shoulders of the war fighter it created the sensation of flying like a bird through the air. The only thing tying the pilot to the craft was the tactile sensations of controlling the craft. But now these beasts lay in a corn field out of sight and hatching a plan.

With their canopies up Ducky, Ono, Eowyn and Maryann all had a frank discussion.

“I say we play the true believers and ask to see him one last time before we fly off.” Ono recommended.

“Wait what?” Asked Eowyn “ I thought you were against the idea?”

“Well dumbass we were on the ship with a bunch of people around us. Do you think that talking about killing the admiral would be a good idea there?”

Eowyn got it and he was embarrassed for almost blowing the counter operation with his big mouth.

“It needs to come from me people. I am the only one not connected with killing Agent Hunter and his team. I am supposed to be the one to blow the planes if we get cold feet” Maryann was a short chipper and very cute brunette. She was quite the actress and loved to brown nose her way to plum assignments. She had up to this point been lucky. Playing a true believer was the best way to move up. She was considered one of the most loyal members of the admirals staff. The perfect plant for the team.

Eowyn regaining composure took control.

“Roger that Maryann, your the distraction. Ducky, you and I will level our wings and set trim at 30. That will give us the ability to fire and evade while descending to the deck. I just hope my sister Monica comes through.”

“Oh she’ll come through boy, or she’ll die like the rest of them.” Ono quipped patting him on the back. That should have felt comforting, but the thought of killing yet another member of his family left Eowyn at great dis ease.

“So Ducky does your wife….and mistress finally know your real name or are you going into the afterlife with a big lie.” Asked Ono

“Nope Greg is still in play. Besides after seeing my daughter for the first time. I don’t want her to know who I really am. Better that she think daddy is a boring insurance salesman.”

“Jennifer is really smart Ducky, she knew enough to get her and the baby out of dodge when the ops team came to town looking for us. She has to know.” Maryann responded.

“Welp kids if she does, she is better off staying away. Because daddy’s about to do some serious shit today. Take many lives!”

“Ducky lets just hope its only one today” Eowyn sighed.

And with that the team was decided and they drop canopies and prepared for the biggest con of the teams career. As the the corn field faded off into the distance Ninja flight reengaged communication pushed their thruster’s to the max and headed back to the ship to commit treason.



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