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Access the publication as it was in previous years

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If you accessed this publication in previous years (e.g. if you took EDUC66092 as part of the PG Cert HE and are returning here) you can access the publication homepage as it was at that time using any of the links below.

Further information for returning visitors

Archived and new content

We archive topic pages and details of guest speakers, as these change annually, as well as other core pages where we feel past versions are useful. Most of the publication, however, is written by a growing list of many dozen contributors: past and current participants; invited guests; and course staff. If you are returning to the publication, we recommend viewing OKHE (general contributions), OKHE1 (first assessment) and OKHE2 (second assessment) tags, where you may find interesting new discussions.

Returning contributors

You may have contributed to the unit in the past, either as a PG Cert HE participant or invited guest. If this is the case, you are still a Writer for the publication; if you wish to contribute further — for example a response to an existing post; topic summary; opinion piece; call to action; reflection on practice; how-to guide; summary of a project; or anything else relating to ‘open’ in Higher Education — go ahead and submit; we’d love to feature you.

If you would like to discuss a contribution, or would like any help with submitting, please comment on this post or get in touch by email.

Newly added to the publication

In late 2018, we added an Open Research Forum section to this publication to complement events at the University of Manchester under the same name. If you work or are interested in open research, please take a look — you can find writing focussed on open research, as well as links to events and support.