Contribute to OKHE and join the discussion

If you are new to Medium, we suggest you create a short introductory post. Click your profile image (top-right), then ‘New story’. Write something about yourself and your interest in Open Knowledge in HE, then click ‘Publish’.

The Ready to publish? box allows you to do a few things before publishing: add tags (so that others can find your post — ‘First post’ would be a good one), choose a licensing option (such as any Creative Commons license), and set your post’s visibility to either ‘Unlisted’ or ‘Public’

Tags — like keywords in journal articles — allow others to find your work by representing topics. We recommend using the tag ‘OKHE’ for anything related to this module.

Licensing is a big topic in openness; we would like you to consider how you license your contributions to this module. From the Ready to publish? box for a post, click ‘Visibility and license options’ then ‘License’. Have a look at the sub-options for ‘Some rights reserved’. How would you like to make your post available? If you are unsure, you can go with ‘All rights reserved’ for your first post, and consider another option for your next.

For a more in-depth discussion of licensing, see our separate post on the topic.

Post visibility: By default, your posts will be publish when you publish them. We recommend that you write publicly so that you can contribute to conversations around the topics of this module. If you are a student being assessed, your work for Assessments 1&2 must be public until the end of the course.

For some advice on writing a blog-style post, and an example of what you might produce for Assessment 1, see our post on Writing online:

Submitting to Open Knowledge in HE

If you are a student being assessed or other course contributor, you can submit to the Open Knowledge in HE publication. This is in addition to posting on the tag OKHE (to which anyone can post). You should do this for anything you write which is relevant to the course. This option will be available shortly after you have associated your Medium account with your University username.

To submit a post to Open Knowledge in HE:

  1. After publishing, click the ellipsis icon (…) at the bottom of your post.
  2. Click ‘Add to publication’, ‘Open Knowledge in HE’.
  3. When your story is added, you will be notified.

To make sure you have been invited to the publication, please now write an introductory post and submit it to Open Knowledge in HE. If you have any problems, contact the course leader (see Blackboard/course handbook)— it is important that you can submit for your assessment.