Topic 1: Open practice (2017/8)

How does ‘open’ intersect your practice, pedagogy and work?

[Image: an open set of double-doors between two empty rooms] Is ‘open’ unlocking doors, or not building walls? [CC0 by Philipp Berndt on Unsplash]

We discussed this topic in the session on 31 Jan. You can use this page to review or catch up. Please access the Prepare and Reflect tool via Blackboard, adding your responses, and updating any which have changed.

This topic encourages you to think broadly about how ‘open’ may intersect with your professional practice, pedagogy and work. It introduces you to some essential concepts, and encourages you to think of open in the context of HE, and at a more personal level.

This page includes contributions from experts and OKHE graduates. We hope you are able to think about some of these before the session — (singular) — or afterwards.

We continued to explore this topic in the session, where you heard from open educator and Open Education Working Group board member , and MOOC lead educator and OKHE graduate . View their full biographies on our Guests page.

Dr Ang Davies (left, photo all rights reserved; used with permission): Senior Lecturer, Clinical Bioinformatics and Genomics, University of Manchester; and Dr Catherine Cronin (right, photo reproduced under CC BY-SA), Open educator and researcher, NUI Galway. Full bios.

Essential reading

This UNESCO report assesses the impact of different aspects of ‘open’ in education, looking at teaching & learning, research and policy.

Further reading

Choose some of the below to develop your understanding and views further.

Resources from the session

Below are resources which were referred to in the session, or suggested afterwards by our guests as relevant for reviewing or catching up on the topic.

Catherine Cronin: Considering Open Education

Ang Davies: The Development of a FutureLearn MOOC

What do you think?

After reading the above, consider your responses to these questions:

  • What are the benefits of openness in HE?
  • What is the biggest current challenge for openness in HE?

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