Open Knowledge in Higher Education

Welcome (2018/9)

This is the home of Open Knowledge in Higher Education (OKHE), an open module on open knowledge and openness in HE, offered through Medium. You can read about our choice of Medium, and see the learning outcomes.

Martin Weller, author of The Battle for Open, introduces the module with a guest blog post — giving consideration to some advantages and disadvantages of openness, and a comparison with ‘existing practice’.

How do I take part?

Anyone can participate any time. Between January and September, a number of participants take the module as part of an assessed course; if you would like to join the discussion as it happens, please do.

Below is a timeline for the 2018/9 schedule, split into online materials (available to all), assessment (required for students being assessed), and face-to-face sessions (available to students being assessed only).

Click an image for details and full text.

Online (required if assessed; open to all): access/contribute/respond to OKHE content (use tag OKHE).
Assessment (required if assessed; open to all) Publish OKHE1 by 16:00, 31 May and OKHE2 by 16:00, 2 Sep 2019.
Face-to-face (PGCert only): #1: 6 Feb, #2: 6 Mar, #3: 20 Mar (all 13:00–15:30), Drop-in: 29 Mar 2019 (13:30–15:30)

How do I ‘subscribe’?

Due to the collaborative nature of the module, much of the content of OKHE will be generated as you participate. You can follow the Open Knowledge in HE publication for course updates and posts by contributors, the OKHE tag for posts about OKHE (by anyone), OKHE1 for Assessment 1 submissions, and OKHE2 for Assessment 2 submissions.

How do I navigate the materials?

You can reach all core materials through the publication home page (click ‘Open Knowledge in HE’ at the top-centre of any page). If you prefer to see a full list of core content, you can view the OKHE contents page.