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Celebrating 10 years of MITx

Explore the impact of open online courses

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As we celebrate the tenth anniversary of MITx, we are delighted to share the impact of open online courses, teaching and learning breakthroughs, and the stunning scale of access and equity enabled by these open courses on our webpage, Celebrating 10 years of MITx.

Explore the life-changing education stories of the incredible educators, learners, and technologists who make MITx a premier vehicle for teaching and learning.

Learn about the digital learning innovations MITx has designed to improve knowledge retention, enrich the learning experience, and offer new pathways to achieve advanced degrees.

Photo of two women writing on a whiteboard. Facts about MITx overlay the photo. Text reads “10 years of MITx. 5,641,971 unique learners. 965 online courses launched, 247 new and 718 reruns. 300,000 certificates issued. 12.3 million total registrants. 290 MITx faculty and instructors.”

The impact page also walks through 10 years of MITx milestones, reviews MITx “by the numbers,” shares testimonials from our community of learning, and introduces the incredible teaching and digital learning staff at the heart of the amazing MIT courses shared with the world.

Learn more with MITx Online.



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