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Explore the Final Frontier with MIT Open Learning!

Star trail across the MIT dome. Photo: Evan Kramer

Updated October 2021

At MIT, we always have an eye on the stars. So we’ve put together a list of free MIT resources you can access to explore the cosmos, right from your computer.

Listen to space-themed episodes of MIT OpenCourseWare’s Chalk Radio podcast:

Rocket launch with equations written in the sky.

Explore courses and materials from MIT’s space experts:

MITx courses:

MIT OpenCourseWare materials:

Two woman in a zero gravity flight in MIT Space Exploration Initiative’s Prototyping our Sci-Fi Space Future course

Outreach and Engagement:

Space is for everyone

Especially for pK-12 learners

Dive into one of Full STEAM Ahead’s interactive, Earth-and-space-themed Learning Packages:

Follow along:

  • Operating in the Lunar Environment, MIT AeroAstro and MIT Media Lab’s joint course offering, providing an in-depth, hands-on exploration into the design and engineering challenges posed by operating in the lunar environment.
  • Prototyping Our Sci-Fi Space Future, the Space Exploration Initiative’s course on project development, prototyping, and deployment readiness for parabolic flights.



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