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Learning, doing, and teaching biology through multimedia

Producing multimedia for online courses involves lifelong learning

A colored illustration of cell processes
The course image for 7.06.1x Cell Biology: Transport and Signaling illustrates the process of intracellular vesicle trafficking.
An illustrated gif of a protein forming a pore
Combining different types of representations to illustrate how the protein, Listeriolysin O (LLO), forms a pore that allows the pathogen, Listeria monocytogenes, to establish infection.

Learning multimedia tools and theory

A gif illustration of an enzyme
Gifs can help teach structural relationships in biochemistry. A 3D model of the enzyme, subtilisin (yellow), with an inhibitor, eglin C (blue). The active site residues are shown in red and calcium ion cofactors are in purple. PDB: 1SIB

Doing the work

Teaching as a way of understanding

An illustration of a cycle with the words learning, doing, and teaching, with a book, pencil, and lightbulb illustrating each concept
The iterative cycle of learning, doing, and teaching is central to this work.



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