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An Open Letter to Drivers in the Great State of California

Let’s talk about that California roll

Photo by Sunguk Kim on Unsplash

Dear California Drivers,

Your roads are vast and wide. In fact, compared to the roads in Japan or Italy, you have enough space for double-decker buses. And yet, you still seem to want more. Why stick to one lane, when you can drive…




Open Letters are sent to the world and beyond. Here we say what must be said, whether it is harsh, humorous, or even a teensy bit passive aggressive. Share your open letters with the world, the meta-physical, or your micro-managing boss.

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Courtney Burry

Courtney Burry

5X top writer. I love to use satire and humor. I write about travel, politics, family, feminism, sports, health & music. So, basically everything.

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