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An Open Letter to Medium Support

Not your average love story

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Dear ”Your Friends”,

Before you trash this letter or hand it over to a new hire, please read on. This is not hate mail.

I have known you as for as long as I have been writing for Medium which is not long. Being the avid consumer that I am, I have dealt with many Customer Support departments and expected Medium’s to be, well, medium.

As an aside, I find the title “Medium” allows for some welcome daydreaming. I assume the name was thought up with a means of communicating in mind, like Twitter. I, however, think of clothing sizes, steaks, and psychics. Even a general overall feeling like “How are you today?” answered with “Meh, medium.”

Way back in November 2020 when I started writing on this fine platform, I floundered with some basic, not to mention stupid, questions. I bravely wrote to “your friends” thinking that I would get either no answers or answers I could not understand.

But no, I was taken seriously!

When I read some of my questions today, I feel like telling myself to go and write somewhere else. A public bathroom wall might even be too highbrow. But each and every “friend” wrote back. If I didn’t understand the answer, I would write back. Again, thinking you would consider me a lost cause, I had no hope of a reply.

There was always a reply.

At times there was more than a reply. Encouragement to write and write more. Encouragement and lessons to make me a “desired” writer instead of a groveling one.

I sometimes read the Medium blog just for the comments. How do you put up with that garbage? And rudeness? And, let’s just say it, hate and anger? Do you all wear a protective cloak? You must have some feelings. I know there is a lot of talk of algorithms, robots, and the like. I have been known to “speak” with a virtual assistant before understanding what was happening. The line “could you repeat that?” clued me in.

So, without naming names, I would like to thank some of you:

- The Short Answer friend who started all emails with “the short answer is” and was very patient when the short answer would not do the trick;

- The Patience is a Virtue friend who explained in extreme detail answers to my questions with the correct understanding that I had no clue; and

- The Support friend who could tell that I was at the end of my tether and not only pointed me to various articles to read but explained them.

The only reply I never received was to the question of why I was receiving texts from a third party on ways to enlarge the width of my male organ which, in principle, I found rather fascinating, not ever having thought of this important attribute. I have no interest in this topic but wondered how this enticing tidbit had come my way.

In conclusion, my dear “friends”, I can only hope that you are well paid, enjoy your work, laugh amongst yourselves at some of my questions, and continue to be there for me in times of doubt.

It goes without saying that you can do what you wish with this letter. Show it to your boss when you ask for a salary increase. Or use the handy photograph at the top of this article as a dartboard and name each dart you throw the name of a user you particularly loathe!

Your Friend,

A Grateful Medium Contributor



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