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An Open Letter to Myself

Because it’s time

Photo by Andre Mouton on Unsplash

Dear Self,

You started writing because of something you read. The article suggested that finding an activity you love is simply a question of doing it and then noticing your reaction.

So, yes, the feeling of elation after you wrote made you feel like the proverbial hundred bucks.

It was the same feeling you had when you started painting, remember? That feeling of euphoria lasted for years.

The buzz from showing your art to the public was addictive. Initially, it felt like you were baring your soul but you quickly got over it. You also got over the feeling of being treated like dirt every time you meekly approached a gallery.

But then you found yourself at a loss. There are fewer and fewer art galleries. Many were going out of business before the pandemic. And, sad but true, once you start showing your art to the public, creating it is a lot less fun for some people.

So, you started to write for Medium. Impressed by the likes of Barack Obama and Chrissy Teigen taking virtual pen to paper, you didn’t understand that it’s just an open platform.

You began to wonder about the qualifications of some of the authors.

A glance at Wikipedia would have helped you to understand that Medium is a “collection of amateur and professional people and publications, or exclusive blogs or publishers” and is “regularly regarded as a blog host.”

It ain’t The New York Times.

So that may explain why you have become so annoyed. Anybody can write on this platform. And they can say what they want.

Are the statements of fact made by authors checked for veracity? Nope.

Are there facts stated by authors that you know are simply lies? Yup.

Do some of the articles make you want to get on that high horse and scream? Yup.

Do some of the articles make you feel like there are still “normal” people out there? Yup.

Can you try to ignore the shrill and strident noise that some authors make? Hmm.

Well then. Sort of stuck, aren’t you? You like writing. You found a place to “house” your writing. You like some of the writers and enjoy reading them. But you get upset when you see “clickbait”, a new term for you. Previously, you only knew the term “jail bait.” Tsk.

You try to reveal the fallacious statements made by some authors by writing articles portraying them as different people. You think you’re clever and the “smart” people will figure things out.

You think these authors will finally be revealed for who they are: mediocre people who only know how to get attention paid to themselves.

The problem is that habitual liars forget their lies and start to believe them. So do their readers.

You now understand the meaning of “niche.” On Medium, it can be a nest for authors who rant and rave about all the injustice and crimes committed against them. The rants and raves are shared with their “followers” who rant and rave right back, goading them on.

They don’t understand that life is not always fair. That you can’t just whine about it, thinking something will change. The only thing that will change anything is positive action.

Positive, concrete action that has nothing to do with crying over perceived spilled milk, over and over and over again and again and again.

What to do?

How about taking the high road? Behave in a moral way when other people are not. To be “honest, fair, and selfless while not being completely defenseless” is a good start.

Above all, know that it’s time.

Time to realize it is what it is.

Time to realize that it just doesn’t matter.

Yours truly,

Yours Truly



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