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An Open Letter to the Bit of Toenail Polish That Won’t Let Go

It’s time.

Photo by ALEXANDRE DINAUT on Unsplash

Dear Toenail Polish,

We met five months ago on the first week the nail salons were open in our area. I saw your luminescence when I first entered. I held you in my freshly sanitized hands and rolled you to shake you from your slumber. You had settled during the shut-down…




Open Letters are sent to the world and beyond. Here we say what must be said, whether it is harsh, humorous, or even a teensy bit passive aggressive. Share your open letters with the world, the meta-physical, or your micro-managing boss.

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Kristine Laco

Kristine Laco

My middle finger is my favorite. Hoarding TP since 2014. Well-Rested Bitch. Lady Boner Legend. Top writer Satire & Humor. Don’t follow if Laco-intolerant.

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