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Open Letters To


Hey There, Assh*le. I See Karma Finally Paid You an Overdue Visit

Enjoy the humility of eating your words, motherf*cker

Dear Jerkface,

I’d normally start a letter asking, “How are you?” However, I don’t fucking care and I want to get straight to the point. Douches like you don’t get courtesies from me. I don’t…



Open Letters are sent to the world and beyond. Here we say what must be said, whether it is harsh, humorous, or even a teensy bit passive aggressive. Share your open letters with the world, the meta-physical, or your micro-managing boss.

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Crystal A. Walker

Creative writer, full-time RVer, & travel enthusiast. Cusses like a sailor because she was a sailor. Avoids conflicts & tells truth through humor when possible.