The importance of celebrations !

Margot Watine
Dec 10, 2018 · 3 min read

About 40 students from 5 different continents, all gathered on December 4th to celebrate their entrepreneurship journey at UC Berkeley, surrounded by their teachers, Schoolab and the French Consulate.

Throwing your mortarboard (or the square cap…) in the air is something graduates usually remember (though they usually forget to tell you that when it falls back on your face, it can hurt pretty bad). But graduation is more than just throwing a cap in the air, or dressing up, or getting an important piece of paper, it’s about celebrating achievements, being with the people you shared a part of your life with, being proud of your journey.


In a few words.. because it makes us happy !! (rocket science!)
There are 4 main happiness chemicals, and the four of them were released on December 4th for Le Bridge students!

  • DOPAMINE_ Work on a projet for 4 months
The Winning Team !!

Le Bridge students arrived 4 months ago at UC Berkeley with the main goal to get a new mindset, find an idea, find a team and launch a start-up. In such a short period, they found the time to test their assumptions, get insights, test their idea, prototype, pivot, build relationships, build their network, etc. And after 4 months of hard work, they pitched their project and finally graduated from UC Berkeley.

Graduating is showing that you did it, you worked for something and it paid off. Achieving a goal, getting a reward for your work releases dopamine. One of the 4 happiness chemicals.

  • SEROTONIN_ Get the degree

The main point of graduation is to officially receive an important piece of paper proving your hard work. This evening, every Le Bridge student was individually called to come up get their certificate, shake hands, and pose for the official picture. In a world where every one seems to be doing the same thing, when we sit in classes of hundreds of students, it is important to remind students that each of them has done an incredible work. It is crucial to sometimes feel important. At that moment, when giving yourself credit, your body releases serotonin, the second of the four happiness chemicals.


Oxytocin… the happiness chemical that we usually get when spending time with one particular person, when giving birth, when building a special connection. But also when getting closer to people, when hugging for instance.

After receiving their degree, all students were invited to stay for a drink or two, and in that moment, I saw so many of them, friends or just colleagues, hugging… releasing the third happiness chemical: oxytocin.

  • ENDORPHIN_ Fooood

When going for a run, though you may not enjoy the whole experience, some miles are harder to run than others, you still do it. You do it, because you know how well you’ll feel afterwards. Pain makes your body release endorphin, but if (like me) you are sometimes too lazy to hit the gym, you can also just eat dark chocolate (or just any type of comfort food).

A great buffet and social interactions at a graduation ceremony therefore always make the trick! And here is the release of the 4th one: endorphin.

Graduation is an important moment in the life of a person, it’s a passage from one stage in life to another. Though ending their UC Berkeley journey, Le Bridge students are only starting their entrepreneur’s adventure, with some of them staying in the Valley and the rest heading to Paris to scale their venture at Schoolab incubator! We are all very excited to see what the future holds.



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