The History of OSMP

Did I steal the script? One could argue I did in fact do that. After all I had no interest in cryptocurrency until I started working on this project.

This is the truth behind OSMP, Open Source Marketing Platform, from my perspective — the founder and president of .

There is a little bit of drama behind this software, so this story, may not be the same telling as others tell. It’s all a matter of perspective.

So roughly a year ago this month, I was approached by my friend and business associate ADSactly King. He is the founder of the upcoming . He had an idea for a cryptocurrency project and he wanted my help.

Skipping a few boring details, I agreed to help for the amount of $2000.

At the time, I was not all that interested in cryptocurrency and was really borderline in my thinking of if it was a scam or legit — or if it was just hype that would die off . Truly I was uneducated on the topic.

The idea that was pitched to me (before I agreed) was a advertising system that awarded members in cryptocurrency.

The advertising system was somewhat of a new age traffic exchange, some social features, some gaming features, and a couple other options.

The concept was each action a person does — such as surf a page in the traffic exchange or win a game — would earn the user a small piece of cryptocurrency. At the time I was told they didn’t want to purchase an existing script because they wished this script to be open source so they could use it as a community project.

So I started working on a script. Being the type of person I am, I didn’t stop at the features requested and started building tons and tons of other things into the script.

Somewhere between 3 and 6 months into the script, I went back to ADSactly King and verified this would in fact be released open source. I talked to him about Marketers Cooperative continuing to release the script in the future as part of what we were doing.

At the time, we all agreed — but I think we all saw things a little different and no one really understand the question I was asking. Overall I was asking if Marketers Cooperative could be the one to actually release the script opensource — and continuing to maintain it — meaning I wanted the script released by Marketers Cooperative under an opensource license .

Literally everything one could imagine for an advertising network was built into this script. Almost 10 solid months of coding went into this script.

Marketers Cooperative

It includes not only a traffic exchange but also a safelist, a banner exchange, a social post exchange, an article exchange, a badging network, gaming network, social profiles, social walls, friends and block lists, and countless other things.

I took $2000 and created a $10000 script.

Along the way of designing I learned a LOT about cryptocurrency. My entire views of it changed. I started to see it as a perfect compliment to the mission of all cooperatives.

This is where things got murky. I had my own cryptocurrency created and started working it into my version of the script.

This was not something anyone expected. Many people within ADSactly felt I was paid to create the ADSactly script, and instead stole the entire idea for myself.

Nothing could have actually been further from the truth. My goals were something very different than ADSactly, despite using the same OSMP script to make both the cooperative platform and the ADSactly hits platform.

The biggest difference is that the marketers cooperative coin, called Marketers Cooperative Cryptocurrency Rewards or MCCR for short, is not publicly traded. It is internally used to distribute the value of our cooperative, and has no real world value outside of our cooperative.

Unlike the cryptocurrencies ADSactly is creating which will be used more as an introductory point into trade where people will be able to exchange their ADSactly crypto rewards, called action points, into countless other cryptocurrencies.

On top of this, both ADSactly and Marketers Cooperative both have goals and projects well above and beyond the OSMP platform.

None the less, many people felt and still feel, Marketers Cooperative stole the entire ADSactly hits plan from ADSactly.

Did I? One could argue I did in fact do that. After all I had no interest in cryptocurrency until I started working on this project and learning its true potential. One could also argue I was in fact paid $2000 to create the script.

Equally had I not started on this script, I likely never would have used it for Marketers Cooperative.

So there is definitely merit to the claim I stole the platform.

However this was always suppose to be an open source script. So the fact is, if it was released open source — anyone in the world, including Marketers Cooperative could in fact take the script, modify it, and use it however they see fit.

In fact, the entire script was released under the CDDL v1.0 license — which actually means someone could take the code, modify it, and sell it if they so chose to. It doesn’t have the same restriction that the more common GPL licensing has.

In any event, rumors were flying between the two groups about who stole what from who.

Some people were informing me I should just buy Marketers Cooperative out of the ADSactly agreement by refunding the money. Others were saying I should just give ADSactly the script and chalk it up to experience that I shouldn’t create a $10,000 script when I agreed to make a $2000 script.

People were mad on both sides of the fence.

So ADSactly King and I got together and had a nice heated debate about the topic. Not an argument, just a back and forth debate hashing things out.

When all was said and done, we agreed Marketers Cooperative and Adsactly would jointly release the OSMP script via Marketers Cooperative website (for now) and we would both always be credited in the script — and we would both always work together on future releases.

As time goes on we will each have own our store of plugins and upgrades one can purchase for the OSMP script, and we will work together on what features should be implemented for the public releases vs which ones we will sell within our site stores.

If you would like to be part of the OSMP project, please do join both and the and reach out to both teams. We are planning a repository for development in the near future but for now the easiest way to get involved is join both sites, learn what we are both doing, and ask us how you can help both sites jointly with this project.