Visualizing the Impact of COVID-19

8 Infographics showing how the pandemic has reshaped the global landscape

Although 2021 started with a sense of optimism with the rollout of multiple vaccines globally, the recent resurgence of cases with the more infectious variants running rampant, there is a renewed cause for concern. Most of us are tired of the pandemic fatigue and are looking forward to some kind of normalcy to return as this year progresses further.

For now, we are reeling with an ongoing pandemic that has so far infected more than 126 million people and taken the lives of 2.76 million and counting. We look back at the past 12 months with Data gathered from Al-Jazeera, showing how the pandemic has affected the global landscape in various ways.

Leading Killers Worldwide

Of the 55.4 million people who died globally in 2019, heart disease was the top killer with 8.8 million deaths. COVID-19 is now the fourth-highest with 2.7 million fatalities so far.

Trillion in Economic Losses

According to World Bank estimates, the global economy shrank by 4.3 % in 2020, wiping out trillions of dollars. Underdeveloped countries and others already suffering from economic hardship fared even worse.

Worsening Global Poverty

The World Bank estimates the Coronavirus has pushed between 119 and 124 million people into extreme poverty, making the total number of people living on less than $1.90 a day to 730 million, about 10% of the world’s population.

Massive Job Losses

In 2020, 114 million people lost their jobs, according to the latest unemployment figures from the International Labour Organization (ILO). Additionally, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has warned that nearly half of all jobs in Africa could be wiped out due to the pandemic.

Wealthiest Elite got even Richer

Many of the world’s richest men, including Elon Musk (US), Zhong Shanshan (China) and Mukesh Ambani (India), saw their wealth more than double since the pandemic was declared. The pandemic disproportionately affected the poor people more than the rich.

Billions Out of School

According to UNESCO, in 2020, school and university closures disrupted the education of more than 1.7 billion students from 188 countries or about 99% of the world’s student population.

Access to Remote Learning

UN estimates that nearly 500 million children, especially in poorer countries or rural areas, have been excluded from remote learning due to a lack of technology or policies.

Air Travel Plummets

According to International Air Transport Association (IATA), International passenger demand in 2020 dropped by 75.6% compared to 2019. Global flight-tracking service Flightradar24 also recorded a 42% dip in commercial flights from 2019.

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