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The 54 most clicked articles from our newsletter

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“Of all human achievements, sending 54 emails in a year is probably one of the greatest. The Life of Pablo aside.” K.W.

Last Sunday, we sent the Open Strategy newsletter for the 54th time. This marked a full year (plus a couple of weeks) of publishing the most interesting strategy reads every Sunday evening. In the past twelve months, we’ve read more than a thousand articles and posts in order to handpick around 270 to share in the newsletter.

We’re very proud to see more people interested in this side project of ours. We now have more than 2,800 subscribers (which we think is probably more than Tidal had up until a week ago) receiving our newsletter and enjoying the links we share and the much-loved intros our talented copywriter is writing.

And while the next issue is already on its way, we thought now would be a good time to do a quick recap and publish the articles that proved to be the most popular among our dear subscribers. Exactly one per week.

So, without further ado, here are the 54 most read articles in the first year of the Open Strategy newsletter.

  1. A teenager’s view on social media by Andrew Watts
  2. Your digital strategy shouldn’t be about attention by Umair Haque
  3. Why Nordstrom’s Digital Strategy Works (and Yours Probably Doesn’t) in Harvard Business Review
  4. How consumer habits are subject to the law of unintended consequences by Rory Sutherland
  5. Tension: the secret sauce of brand building by Jenn Maer
  6. Integrative ideas and social brands by Faris Yakob
  7. The art of more: a strategist’s manifesto by Nick Kendall
  8. Marketing needs to become more unprofessional by Craig Mawdsley
  9. Strategy, clarified by Thomas Waegemans
  10. Strategy, in reverse by Matthew Daniels
  11. On the necessity of briefs, client briefs and creative briefs by Martin Weigel
  12. 21st century strategy, or the art of travelling without a map by Agathe Guerrier
  13. Six models of advertising by Paul Feldwick
  14. Good strategists aren’t thinkers, they’re executioners by Roberto Estreitinho
  15. You don’t need a digital strategy, you need a digitally transformed company by Tom Goodwin
  16. The fallacy of our time by Giles Hedger
  17. Your next one-on-one interview by Thomas Waegemans
  18. Marketing crack: kicking the habit by Martin Weigel
  19. A podcast syllabus for planners & strategists by Rachel Mercer
  20. Great advertising becomes part of the product by Andrew Hovell
  21. A palette of plans in The Economist
  22. Low interest categories by Les Binet & Sarah Carter
  23. A better way to map brand strategy in Harvard Business Review
  24. 21st century strategy by Clay Parker Jones
  25. A spreadsheet way of knowledge by Steven Levy
  26. Strategy — what the @*%! is it anyway? by James Caig
  27. An atlas of strategy traps by Boston Consulting Group
  28. Your agency hates you and you don’t even know it by Lesya Lysyj
  29. Brand building in the age of invisible technology by Patricia McDonald
  30. You can’t fix services with engagement by Russell Davies
  31. Strategy, not technology, drives digital transformation in MIT Sloan Management Review
  32. The three tools Netflix used to build its first-class brand on FirstRound Review
  33. Infrastructure for modern brands by Adrian Ho
  34. How not to train junior planners by Andrew Hovell
  35. The Unfair Truth About How Creative People Really Succeed by Jeff Goins
  36. What is happening to strategy? by Stefan Erschwendner
  37. A new advertising scale: understand, feel, experience by Nigel Hollis
  38. Digital advertising. Where did it all go wrong? by Eaon Pritchard
  39. The building of Empires by Martin Weigel
  40. In praise of dinosaur planning by Richard Huntington
  41. Use your words — The Value of talking about your work by Camilla Grey
  42. What you need to know to be culturally literate in 2016 in Wired.com
  43. How to write like a human by Claire Dawson
  44. Six years of agency staff meetings analyzed in hindsight by Phil Adams
  45. When did planners start calling themselves strategists? by Heather LeFevre
  46. Humanizing the brand in a digital age by James Caig
  47. Youtube and the evolution of planning by Tracey Follows
  48. Rethinking planning for the connected age by Jaime Klein Daley
  49. The year ahead for advertising agencies by Nils Leonard
  50. Point of View: Keep it small and simple by Gareth Kay
  51. The Axes of Attention by Faris Yakob
  52. Companies with a purpose beyond profit tend to make more money in Financial Times
  53. 60 teenagers reveal what they think is cool — and what isn’t — in 2016 in Business Insider
  54. What the research tells us about team innovation and creativity in Harvard Business Review.

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