Near-instant availability is possible for small fleets

Tiago Pita
Dec 6, 2017 · 1 min read

“Together we are strong “ is a sentence that we learn at a very young age, although as we grow up we forget this valuable lesson.

In the last years we saw digital companies reshaping mobility because all existing mobility solutions were fragmented. Years later and after lessons learned the fleets are trying to survive in a newly shaped industry.

Fleets working together does not mean giving power away to a price comparison website. That never works either for the user(passenger) or the service provider.

At Open Transport we believe in accessible and open mobility, we are not trying to create a platform to control the industry, we are creating an open platform where developers can easily access the industry and inspire other open platforms to be created.

Today an app built using the Open Transport API can access the nearest vehicle from multiple fleets offering near-instant availability bringing real value to the passenger and the fleets.

Open Transport

The Open Transport API allows developers and entrepeneurs…

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