Open Transport Joins MaaS Alliance

Tiago Pita
Nov 6, 2017 · 2 min read

Open Transport is proud to announce it has joined the MaaS Alliance as a member. The co-operation’s goal is to provide efficient and sustainable solutions that will transform the mobility landscape. United by a shared vision for the future of mobility, the MaaS Alliance and Open Transport will work on finding ways to overcome current digital, physical, and regulatory complexities.

The MaaS Alliance understands that the future of mobility lies in providing attractive alternatives to the use of the private car. Sharing that view, Open Transport supports the open and free availability of every vehicle everywhere not only to empower riders but inspire innovation and lead to a more globally connected world.

A key factor in turning this common goal of accessibility into a reality is connectedness. This partnership is a perfect fit as Open Transport provides a solution precisely for this by connecting existing fleets and networks and offering an API with real-time availability and tracking of those vehicles.

The MaaS Alliance

MaaS Alliance is a public-private partnership creating the foundations for an open, single market for new mobility services, centred on users’ needs. Its members collaborate to create the enablers needed for successful deployment of MaaS in Europe and beyond. The Alliance informs European policymakers, promotes the added value of MaaS to local governments and businesses, monitors the MaaS market and engages the research community in the MaaS development. The MaaS Alliance also facilitates the cooperation of MaaS initiatives in order to improve the roaming and scalability of MaaS services. The MaaS Alliance currently comprises 38 members and is steadily growing.

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