Raspberry Pie Custom Case

Prototyping a custom Raspberry Pie Case

From a simple idea to a custom home for our Open Trigger Developer Base Station. In the future this device will manage all your buttons, connected by bluetooth LE, wires or just over the web.

We are in the process of heavy prototyping. This is just the start…

First Idea/Sketch — Raspberry Pie Open Trigger Custom Case

It was a very rough draft but it was enough to construct and laser the first prototypes.

With an unique and creative home for your RPI Hardware you can stand out from the mass and give your Open Source Project the icing on the cake. — Nico Grienauer
Prototyping — Raspberry Pie Open Trigger Custom Case

After a short prototype phase (change distances, move holders, check proportions, …) we were ready for our first v0.1 case in a Developer Edition.

Open Trigger DEVELOPER Edition Case v.01 for the Base Station

Transparent v0.1 — Raspberry Pie Open Trigger Custom Case

Open Trigger ELDER Edition Case v.01 for the Base Station

Walnut Version — Raspberry Pie Open Trigger Custom Case

Next Step/Project:

Create a case for our wired button prototype.
Our current solution works… but…

… it looks like crap.

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