Thinking about Visual Design of Open Trigger

What are the key values for an open source project logo.

Open Trigger Logo from 2015

For the netidee - powerfull innovations funding call we did a simple “logo” which consists of the name and a pictogram. It should indicate, what the project is all about.

But there were some parts we don’t like about it.

The old one did his job for the funding call but we wanted a consistent look and feel to give it more authority and integrity.

“Logos and branding are so important. In a big part of the world, people cannot read French or English — but are great in remembering signs” — Karl Lagerfeld

The main goals for the New Logo was clear:

  • Simplicity
    No extra crap. Keep it simple and minimalistic.
  • Adjust the color
    Which color comes into mind if you think of o button? …exactly :)!
  • Stand alone
    We need a logo where we can separate the symbol from the Text to use it on packaging, app icons, avatars for different acounts, … so it must work without a name/text.
  • Generic and remarkable
    All of you know the meaning of “Three stacked lines, usually in the top left- or right-hand corner of a website” = a Hamburger Button
    Or how a Share Button looks like or a RSS Button… We want one iconic symbol, which indicates, that you can trigger something with your action.
  • Integration into our existing visual design language
    Of course it should fit to our other products and projects we do over at Acolono GmbH.

…and wouldn’t it be great if we could visually indicate, if there is something with which you can interact and then something will magically triggered? :)

May we present… our new Open Trigger Logo :)

Open Trigger composite logo
Open Trigger Logo in combination with Acolono Logo
Open Trigger Icon

We are really exited to see it laser engraved on the first enclosure prototypes

Feedback is welcome :)

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